130826 Monday



AMRAC in 12 with 6-10:

Bent over BB row-2s hold @ top

Wall Ball

Hip Extension-1s hold @ top. Add weight as able

H-R Push-up

NTE 3 Rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

A1. TnG Hang Power Clean x 6-8

A2. Option #1: Single arm DB Press x 5-8/arm
A2. Option #2: Strict HSPU: AMRAP-1 ( Recommend barbell shoulder press of -66% BW prior to HSPUs)


Complete 4 sets of:

30s AMRAP H/R Push-ups

30s Rest

30s AMRAP Wall Balls

30s Rest

30s AMRAP 10m Shuttle Run (out 10m/back 10m=1)

30s Rest

Post best HPC x 8, Press/HSPU total, total reps.

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