130827 Tuesday


Shilpa on one of her many summer adventures!

Shilpa on one of her many summer adventures!


AMRAC in 10 minutes with 5-8:

Axle Front Squat

KB Windmills (5-8/side)

C2B Pull-ups

DB Power clean to OH

NTE 3 Rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 3 sets of:
A1. Option #1: DB Box Step-up x 16-20 Alternating

A1. Option #2: Pistols x 6-10/leg (hold load as able)

A2. Russian KBS x 12-20

A3. Jump Rope Practice 30 seconds (Singles, DUs, Triples, etc)

Rest 90s

Partner WOD

Complete 4 rounds of:

P1: DB Power clean to Overhead x 10 (moderately tough) + 100m run

P2: Row Max Distance

for time.

Time stops once both partners have complete 4 sets of DB PC-OH x 10.

Post BSU/pistol notes, overall time, total distance rowed, DB load (ie. 25/hand=50lbs).

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