130926 Thursday

AMRAC in 10 with 6-12:
Back Squat (Aim towards 12 each set)
1-arm DB OHS (6-12/arm)
Strict C2B Pull-up
Turkish Roll-up (3-6arm)
1-2 minutes Mobility
Strength/Skill Development 
A1. : Good Mornings (@ 3011; 6-8 x 3. Rest 30s)
A2. : Turkish Get Up (x 2/arm x 3. Rest 30s)
A3. : Side Plank (30-45 seconds/side x 3. Rest 60s )
Partner WOD 
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
P1: Run 200m
P2: AMRAP Renegade Row Box Step-ups

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