130901 Sunday Recovery Day


Congrats to Kate Nelson (pictured right) & her tennis partner, Sharon Banzhaf, winning the local Member Guest event last weekend.  Kate recovered from broken ribs this past winter after a fall in her home only to go on to play a total of 6 hours of tennis over Saturday & Sunday at 70 years of age.  Great job Kate & Sharon!

Reminder: Labor Day Hours 

9am: Yoga with Angela 


Open Gym Recovery Workout: 

Complete 1-2 rounds at each of the following stations resting 1 minute b/w each station.

A. Airdyne 30s @ 50%

Airdyne 30s @ 80%

x 4

Rest 1 minute

B. Manmakers 1 minute for reps at 80% effort

Rest 1 minute walking

x 2

Rest 1 minute

C. Row  30s @ 50%

Row 30s @ 80%

x 4

Rest 1 minute

D. Battling Ropes x 30s steady state

High Box Step-up alternating x 30s moderate effort

x 4

Rest 1 minute before second round if you choose.