130911 Wednesday


1stLt Luke Carter part of the Marine Corps sporting the first edition of the Project Red Shirt on a Navy MUSE ship during his present deployment.


The greater WNC CrossFit Communities are coming together to support Project Red Shirt in honor of Coach Randy’s deployment & to remember all the soldiers that are deployed.  The first edition of Project Red Shirt was released in 2010.  Check out the new version and learn how your organization can become a sponsor here.  

Also, the F3 Event (Randy’s send off party) is only 11 days away!  Register here and pre-order your Project Red Shirt online or at the event!


AMRAP in 12 minutes with 6-12:


DB Mm Snatch (3-6/arm)

C2B Pull-ups

Mountain Climbers

NTE 3 Rounds.

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 4 sets of:

A1. Hang Muscle Snatch x 2-4. Rest 30s

A2. High Box Jump (Step down & rest ~5-10s b/w reps.  Focus on landing softly.)

Rest 2 minutes

Partner WOD

Complete 5 rounds of:

P1: 8 Renegade Rows (4/arm)

16 Mountain Climbers

P2: AMRAP Double Unders

for time.

Post best MmSn, Box jump & total team time for both partners to complete 5 rounds with total team DUs.

6:30pm Yoga with Angela