130919 Thursday


Reminder: Only three days until Randy’s Send-Off Party on Sunday!  We look forward to seeing you there!


AMRAC in 12 minutes with 4-8:


Turkish Roll-up (2-4/arm)

Wall Ball

Box Jump

NTE 3 Rounds.

Strength/Skill Development 

Complete 3 sets of:

A1. Bent Over Barbell Row @ 21X2; 6-10

A2. Turkish Get-up x 2-4/arm


EMOM for 8 minutes:

Odds: High Box Jump x 6 (NTE 30/24″)

Evens: Deadlift TnG x 8 (Use ~60-70% of a multi-rep max.  Wave load as needed over the sets.)

Rest 2 minutes

EMOM for 8 minutes:

Odds: Wall Ball x 8-12

Evens: Airdyne x 20s @ 95%

Post best BB row & TGU.