OPTathlon Sunday October 6th!


Hello from Arizona!

I am here training with my coach and other OPT athletes for two weeks leading into the OPT Bash weekend with a Coaches’ Day on Friday, Athlete Development Talks on Saturday and the  OPTathlon 5.0 Sunday, October 6th!  I excited to participate in my 5th consecutive OPTathlon!

The OPTathlon is quite different from the other CrossFit style events like the River Ruckus, BeerCity Beatdown and even the Open & Regionals.  Some of the main differences are that of the 6 events 5 are repeated each year.  Personally, I have appreciated this repeatability aspect of the OPTathlon.  I am able to see areas of improvement or lack of improvement from year to year.  Bodyweight is used in the scoring for the 1st & 3rd event (10 min clean to overhead and 500m row repeats).  All the scores go into a database that then gives an overall score for the 6 events.  Sometimes I do not improve in every area, but the overall score may still improve.
If you would like to see how you would score in this test of fitness you can do so on Sunday, October 6th starting at 8am during Open Gym at CFA.  Corey will be doing the events and would love to have others group up and do them together!  Please email ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com if you plan on attending.  This will help for planning purposes.


Thank you!