131025 Friday


Upcoming Events!

  1. This Saturday: Asheville Eye Associates “Run the Forest 5k” to support the Low Vision Center.
  2. This Sunday: “Save the Girls” @ CF Summit Oct. 27th. Register at CommunityFitnessEvents.com


AMRAC in 15 minutes with 6-10:
1-arm OH Squat,
Single leg Rebouding x 15-20s/leg,
Sandbag Halfmoon,
Strict Pull-up,

Strength/Skill Development

A1. : Box Jump for Height (Distance) (Step down, Rest 3s b/w each.)

A2. : Russian Kettlebell Swing (x 15-20 x 4 sets. Rest 2 minutes.)


Alternate between the following two exercises to complete:
20, 15, 10, 5 Plank burpee box jumps (NTE 20/16″)
140′, 105′, 70′, 35′ Walking lunge
for time.