Beer City Beatdown Results


Asheville brought the great weather for the Garage Game competition last Saturday.  CrossFit Asheville brought great competitors and stellar scores.  Rick Miller nailed first place in the Olympic lifting event with a 215lb snatch and a 280lb Clean & Jerk.  With a 145lb snatch and 180lb C&J, Shanna took 2nd place.  Kate was in fourth place with a 155lb snatch and 195lb C&J.  Tom Rehm’s snatch and C&J total of 395lbs landed him in 7th place for the first WOD.

1269428_562970737104795_1474961580_oTeams From CrossFit Asheville:

CrossFit Asheville (3rd place in Rx division): Shanna Duvall, Kate Carson, Rick Miller and Corey Duvall

CFA Rockstars (10th place in Rx division): Nadia Zebouni, Amber Beane, Sean Clickner and Daniel Smith

CFA Live Action (15th place in Rx division): Tom Rehm, Rustan Adcock, Roderick Simmons and Dan Fertel

Brew Crew (19th place in scaled division): John Fridl, Travis Calhoun, Matt Wittstock and Frank Castelblanco

Slackers (9th place in scaled division): Joel Hartzler, J Meliski, Robert Farmer and Peter Dickson 1382988_562969567104912_1727884904_n

We Like Big Muscles…and We Cannot Lie (21st place in scaled division): Jess Tellfair, Maggie Lucas, Courtney Kelly and Brooke Savage

KEDS (17th place in scaled division): Susie Winterling, Denise Fridl, Eva Hartman and Katie Beane



1277949_562970687104800_1201551782_oIf you would like to study the results for yourself, check out the leaderboard or the WOD 1 (Oly Lift event).  The full list of WODs are here

Great job Teams & we look forward to further participation in the spring for the River Ruckus & CrossFit Open!

The next local event is “Save the Girls” at CF Summit on October 27th.  Register here!