Coach Angela Rocks the Citizen-Times Marathon


Date Time Name Elevation Gain Comments
5/30/1993 4:00:54 VT City 300’ Ran 5x/week LSD = 40+/wk, Diet=low fat, hi carb
9/26/1993 4:00 East Lyme 376’ “”
5/28/1995 3:58:59 VT City 300’ “”
11/12/1995 4:28:17 NYC 270’ “”
5/28/2000 4:36:15 VT City 300’ “”
6/6/2004 4:38:00 San Diego 265’ “”
10/29/2006 4:24:27 Marine Corps 242’ Ran 4x/Wk, LSD w/Interval work with Maggots
9/28/2013 4:13:38 AVL Citizen 915’ Ran 2-3x/Wk Interval training, CFA and a few LSD, yoga, diet=paleo (75%)


How CrossFit Asheville/Stay Active Clinic has improved my running!


What has changed? I started CFA 9/09-


Running less miles today; however, I work on intensity and pace when running now. I am have been blending the CrossFit Endurance model with the Furman running program. I have been  strength training at CFA for 3 years and then with individual programming and manual therapy by Corey Duvall at the Stay Active Clinic (sister company of CrossFit Asheville) for the past year. Corey programs my workouts based on my strength gains, limitations or imbalances and goals.


Stomach issues are gone – I correlate this to higher intensity training at CFA as I did not change my diet as soon as I started CFA; however, my stomach cramping has disappeared since the beginning of CFA.


Recovery – my overall recovery time for long runs, races and this marathon are markedly better. I used to have to lie down for hours (due to stomach cramps) and then sleep for a couple of hours due to fatigue. I now go into the gym and do an easy recovery workout after my long runs and continue on with my day.


I have had a number of injuries over the years. Most recently, five weeks before the marathon, I pulled my right hamstring again and hardly ran for five weeks leading into the AVL Citizen Times marathon. I have had left heel pain for the past year and decided to run in my CF Reebok shoes which was a last minute decision. I ran the entire race without heel pain and no blisters which is different than years past. My calves are quite sore which might correlate to running in minimalist shoes (which I did NOT train distance in) and the hills.


CrossFit, in general, sometimes gets negative publicity due to its intense and “hard core” mentality. I, personally, can not say enough positive things about how it has improved my running as well as my life overall. (I will save that thought for another day.)