ZK5fSrQIBmiGox9fMTAxLP5hQLVDGtNL81ZJS7WSNmwAre you feeling that a particular lift has fallen behind? Have you discovered any notable weakness or imbalance, but don’t know how to address them on your own? CrossFit Asheville is now extending consultations for individuals to help learn more about their structural balance.



  • angela_gerber1Prepare for exercise in this half hour session so dress appropriately! Clients will need to gather present Deadlift, Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Lunge Squat or Split Squat, Pull Up, Dip, 1-arm DB HP, 1-arm DB Press/ Power Clean data prior to the consultation as able. Please email this data & any questions to any of the following coaches with best days/times to meet:
  • Zach, at
  • Katie Rice at
  • Angela
  • Dale at


Fees: $35 for CFA members

$50 for non-members.

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