140207 Friday

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photo (9)








Reminder: Wear Red on Friday to support those serving our country.


AMRAC in 8 minutes with
Mobility + 3-12:
Back Squat,
1-arm DB SDHP alternating,

Strength/Skill Development

A1. : 1-arm DB Snatch (x 8-12 alternating (4-6/arm) x 4 )

A2. : Axle Front Rack Reverse Lunge ( x 10-16 alternating (5-8/leg) x 4)

Partner WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP in 12 minutes
P1: 250m Row
P2: Manmakers (Moderate NTE 35/25lbs)

Combine total reps + 1 point for every 50m rowed (5 points per 250m)

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