What I’m Learning in My First CrossFit Open


What I’m Learning in My First CrossFit Open: Something’s Full of Sh*t

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The voice inside my head that says, “impossible!” – it’s full of sh*t.

That’s what I’m learning in my first CrossFit Open.

Listen to the voice:

14.1 – “Drew, you are out of your league! You don’t have double-unders.” Ten during a WOD had been my max. I pieced together 64.

14.2 – “Drew, give it up, you’ve never even done six of those overhead squats!” Did ten.

14.3 – “Drew, you skinny-armed dweeb, your PR is eight of those big dead lifts.” Pulled twenty.

Conclusion: the voice is full of sh*t.

But what is it about the Open? I think the outrageous unreasonableness of the workouts to this 46-year old rookie, combined with a community designed for success.

Well, so what?

My mission is to help stabilize our out-of-whack climate. And there are voices in my head (and humanity’s) that scream: “Impossible!”

Thus: What if I treated my mission like this Open?

First, I’d set outrageous, unreasonable goals. Raise $1 million in three months. Wind and solar grow 20% per year. My crazy Uncle Larry concedes at Thanksgiving dinner. Climate legislation in the U.S.  A United Nations treaty in Paris in 2015. My carbon footprint halved.

Second: I’d welcome my professional community in the same way as my Crossfit Asheville friends – mega-supportive and healthily competitive.

Third: I’d declare self-limiting assumptions to be full of sh*t.

“Drew, people won’t change.” No.

“Drew, democracy is broken and sold out to short term profits.” Not yet!

“Drew, forget preventing climate change. Let’s just deal with it better.” Not so fast!

Don’t we all have something bigger that our training is for? One more day substance-free. Creating beauty. Empowering someone in need. Healing a family member. Growing a business. Making a difference. Loving more.

When you tackle it, do you ever hear that voice inside your head that says, “Impossible”?

Trust me. That voice is full of sh*t.

Drew Jones, of Crossfit Asheville, is Co-Director of Climate Interactive.