Five Year Anniversary Celebration






Saturday we had the chance to celebrate five years of fitness, five years of community, five years of mental strength, five years of challenge, five years of excellent coaching and five years of business success for CrossFit Asheville.  Collectively, we are all grateful for the ways that CrossFit Asheville, its coaches and its community have made us better and stronger.  Since the days of Randy’s Fit-N-Fun Classes with the Koons,Tom Rehm, Rustan Adcock & Kelly MacMillan plus the Duvalls OG’s from Depot Street with Daniel Smith, Rick Miller & Sean Clickner, CrossFit has been changing our lives.


If you missed the Awards Ceremony, the accolades are worth repeating!

Rookie of the Year: Thomson Meeks

Spirit of the Open: Drew Jones

Most Improved Male: Jordan Vance

Most Improved Female: Sarah Johnston

Most Inspirational: Phil Blake

Most Improved Box Jump: Pam Froncek

Reaching New Heights (From an 12″ box step-up to 24″): Ginger Frisbee

Most Pregnancy PRs: Moriah Luzius

Brave Heart Award (Returned to the gym following heart surgery): Tori Mason

Redeye (Our most consistent 5am-ers): Frank Castelblanco, Denise and John Fridl, Ben Trichon, Susie Winterling, Julie Stehling, Sarah Roe, Lach Zemp, Greg Pollack and Jessica Hauser.

“Don’t Call it a Comeback” (Two ladies who overcame surfing & biking head injuries): Katie Rice and Susie Winterling

This Lil’ Piggy went to the Market (two broken toes from dropped plates on TWO different occasions)  : Amber Beane

Much appreciation to each & every one of you who support the CFA community near & far.  We couldn’t have gotten this far without the amazing individuals that create the CFA Community!  Looking forward to the next time we find an excuse to rent a bouncehouse obstacle course!