140711 Friday


Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 10 MInutes with
Mobility + 2-10:
Goblet Squats,
Tire Drags.

Strength Development

A1. : Deadlift (@31×1; 5-8 x 3)

A2. : Turkish Get Up (x 1-2/arm x 2)


A. : Metcon (Distance)

Partner Tire Drags
Max distance in 6 minutes.
Non-dragging partner should walk along side & switch partners every 60s.

Rest 2 minutes

B. : Metcon (Calories)

Max Cals Row in 6 minutes
Switch partners every 60s.

Rest 2 minutes
Allow the calories to run over and combine partner total in 6 minutes.

C. : Metcon (Calories)

Airdyne Max Cals in 6 minutes.
Switch partners every 60s