• CFA Kettlebell Clinic December 17th

    CFA Kettlebell Clinic December 17th

    Join us December 17th from 10am to 12 noon for our first in a series of movement clinics. The focus will include: Kettlebells as a warm up/mobility tool The Turkish Get Up The Russian and American Swing progressions As a thank you to our clients during the holiday this clinic will be COMPLIMENTARY to all […]

  • 111208 Thursday

    111208 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Development A. BTN Press @ 2111; 3-5 x 5. Rest 2 min b/w sets. B. Russian step-ups @ 1010; 8-10/leg x 3. Rest ~30s b/w legs, ~60s b/w sets. WOD 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Russian KBS Sit-ups for time. Post best BTNP, RSU load/height, time & KB wght. Client Satisfaction Survey: Please take […]

  • A Family in Need this Holiday Season

    A Family in Need this Holiday Season

    As most of you know I am a nurse in the Cardiovascular ICU. A couple weeks ago my life changed, we normally do not get children but that day was different. A beautiful 12 yr little girl was skateboarding with her brothers/sisters when she went through a glass door. She was awake and talking with […]

  • 111207 Wednesday

    111207 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Development A. Front squat: 8, 6, 4, 4, 2. Rest 2 minutes b/w sets. Work to get heavier each set while maintaining technique. B. Barbell reverse lunge @ 2011; 10-12/leg x 2. Rest 60s b/w legs. WOD Complete 4 rounds of; 15 burpees 30 double unders for time. Post best FS x 8, 6, […]

  • 111206 Tuesday

    111206 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Development A. DB Single leg Romanian deadlift @ 20×1; 4-6/leg x 4. Rest 30s b/w legs, 2 min b/w sets. WOD Complete 4 rounds of: 30s work, 30s rest alternating between each of the following exercises in the two couplets. Rest 4 minutes between couplets. Couplet A: Wall ball KB Sumo deadlift high-pull (NTE […]

  • 111205 Monday “Helen”

    111205 Monday “Helen”

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 4 rounds of A1/A2: A1. Narrow grip high pull @ 2111; 4-6 reps. Rest 60s A2. Ring push-ups @ 31X1; 4-6 reps. Rest 2 minutes. WOD Complete 3 rounds of: 400m run 21 KBS 12 pull-ups for time. Helen was last completed in classes on 100707at the old space with the old […]

  • Tips for Eating Well During the Holidays

    Tips for Eating Well During the Holidays

    With the holiday season upon us it is easy for our own health to take a back seat. Here are some ideas to help keep your waistline in check this winter. 1. Continue to use Fresh Veggies as the Base: Between shopping & holiday parties it can become commonplace to start surviving on Auntie Anne’s […]

  • 111203 Saturday

    111203 Saturday

    Strength/Skill Development A. Clean: Spend 12 minutes building to a double B. Dumbbell press @ 21×1; 6-8 reps x 3 sets. Rest 2 minutes b/w sets. WOD C. EMOM for 8 minutes 2 Cleans @ 60-70% of today” best clean weight NTE 155/105lbs Max rep double unders Post total DUs to comments.