• 111101 Tuesday

    111101 Tuesday

    Becca rockin’ the prowler on her way to a 15th place finish @ Saturday’s Battle at the Border! Full results from the weekend can be found here. Strength/Skill Development Complete 5 rounds of A1/A2: A1. Overhead squat: 3-5 reps A2. (False-grip) ring-row @ 31X3; 3-5 reps. As your body approaches horizontal elevate your feet on […]

  • Upcoming Events & Schedule changes

    Upcoming Events & Schedule changes

    Hey crew! Here are some announcements for upcoming events including some challenging Saturday work-outs to allow some of you to plan in advance. If you do not normally attend on Saturdays, but would like to take part in one of these weekends please simply email ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com and we will make it happen! CFA/SAC Ladies Clothing […]

  • 111031 Monday Happy Halloween!!

    111031 Monday Happy Halloween!!

    We look forward to seeing your costumes in classes today!!! Strength/Skill Development Deadlift: Build to a single @ 3010 WOD Complete 4 rounds of: 30s Knees to elbows 30s rest 30s burpees 30s rest 30s KB right arm front rack walking lunge (every 10ft = 1 pt) 30s rest 30s KB left arm front rack […]

  • 111030 Sunday Battle at the Border Recap

    111030 Sunday Battle at the Border Recap

    It was an exciting day at CrossFit Charlotte’s Battle at the Border yesterday! Dan, Amber & Sarah displayed wonderful composure in their first competitions!!! Full results are not yet available, but here is a recap: Event 1: 5 RFT of: 6 Deadlifts (295/185), 15 GHD sit-ups, 30 DUs. The day kicked off with Shanna taking […]

  • 111029 Saturday

    111029 Saturday

    Best of luck to Amber (pictured above), Kate, Sarah, Becca, Shanna & Dan F. competing today at CF Charlotte’s Battle of the Border. Strength/Skill Development A. Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy snatch (Power snatch is acceptable if OHS is your limiter). B. DB Forward lunge @ 2011; 10-12/leg x 2. Rest 10s […]

  • 111028 Friday

    111028 Friday

    Strength/Skill Development A. Hang clean: Spend 15 minutes building to a set of three. WOD Complete 5 rounds @ each station 20s of work, 40s of rest alternating between each of the following exercises in each couplet. Take 2 minutes to transition between couplets. Couplet A: Wall ball Hang power clean (60-70% of today’s best […]

  • 111027 Thursday

    111027 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Development Back squat 6, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2. Rest 2:30 between lifts. Goals are to go up in weight as the reps go down, complete the first sequence with weights that are smooth and then drop back down in weight & determine what weights to use for the second time through the reps. […]

  • 111026 Wednesday

    111026 Wednesday

    Here is a really cool video for the bicyclists out there and those who appreciate impressive skills! Strength/Skill Development Barbell Box Step-up@ 22X1; 4-6/leg x 4 sets. Rest 20-30s b/w legs & ~2 min b/w sets. WOD AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 12 Kettlebell swings (53/35lbs) 7 Hand-release burpee box jumps (24/20″) Post best BSU […]