• 120112 Thursday

    120112 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 4 Rounds of A1/2: A1. Deadlifts @ 1010; 4-6 reps A2. Front Leaning Rest on rings : 30-45s. (Emphasize shoulder protraction throughout.) B. Sandbag walking lunge: 20 steps (10/leg) x 2 sets. Rest 60s b/w sets. WOD Complete the following for time: 30 Box jumps (24/20″) 25 Inverse burpees 20 Box jumps […]

  • HeartStrings Event Sunday Feb 12th!

    HeartStrings Event Sunday Feb 12th!

    As you may know, HeartStringsis a fun, physical fundraiser benefitting the Western Carolina Medical Society’s Project Access program. Project Access is a program that provides free healthcare via physician volunteers to low income, uninsured residents of Buncombe County. The10thAnnual HeartStrings eventis taking place onSunday, February 12 from 12pm-6pm at the Asheville Mall. The goal for […]

  • 120111 Wednesday

    120111 Wednesday

    Dawn gave me this container of Marcona Almond Butter just before the holidays. She raved about it and told me how she has to be careful not to eat a whole container. I took it home and was unimpressed. It tasted bland. This got me thinking about the regularity of sugar in my diet. 10 […]

  • A Warm Thank You

    A Warm Thank You

    On November 11, 2011a terrible tradgedy happenedtoour family. We suffered a tremendous loss in our family and without your love and kindess I do not know where we would be. You all helped us in moreways than one.From our family to yours and friends too; We would all like to say thank you so much […]

  • Weekly Ladies Hiking Group to Start THIS Sunday!

    Weekly Ladies Hiking Group to Start THIS Sunday!

    Beginning January 15th Jules will be a leading a ladies hiking group on Sundays. Hiking is a great form of active recovery and a fun way to be active outside of the gym. Come have fun in nature and connect with other CrossFit Asheville ladies! Hikes will be at 10am in varying locations and typically […]

  • 120110 Tuesday

    120110 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 4 rounds of A1/2: A1. Goblet squat @ 22X1; 8-10 reps A2. Ring rows @ 20×1; 4-6 reps Rest two min for emphasis on thoracic mobility before returning to A1. WOD Complete 4 rounds of: 400m run 15 Slammers 10 Toes to bar for time. Post best goblet squat weight x?, overall […]

  • 120109 Monday “DT”

    120109 Monday “DT”

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 3 rounds of A1/2: A1. BTNP @ 2111; 4-6 reps A2. Kettlebell high-pull @ 2111; 4-6 reps B.Russian box step-ups @ 1010; 8-12/leg x 2 sets. (hold dumbbells) Rest 45s b/w legs. WOD Complete 5 rounds of the following for time: 12 Deadlifts 9 Hang Power Cleans 6 Push Jerk Use ~70-80% […]

  • Deployment Announcement

    Deployment Announcement

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Randy and his family as he heads off on a deployment to Japan for a month. Stay safe and we will be thinking of you at CFA!