• 111024 Monday “Franette”

    111024 Monday “Franette”

      Strength/Skill Development Front squat: Building to a 1 rep @ 3010 WOD 15-12-9 Thrusters Pull-ups (Avd:C2B) For time. Use ~70% of a multi-rep thruster or push-press NTE 95/65lbs.

  • 111022 Saturday

    111022 Saturday

      Strength/Skill Development A. OHS: Spend 12 minutes building to a heavy triple. B. DB Single leg Romanian deadlift @ 20×1; 6-8/leg x 3. Rest ~20s b/w legs, ~90s b/w sets. WOD AMRAP in 10 minutes of: 7 Overhead squats 100m sandbag run (25/50lbs) OHS@ ~60-70% your OHS heavy triple from last Wednesday NTE 115/75lbs. […]

  • 111021 Friday “Get up, Turkey!”

    111021 Friday “Get up, Turkey!”

      Strength/Skill Development Alternate b/w A1/A2: A1. Seated behind the neck press build to a single @ 3010 A2.Dumbbell split squat @ 20X1; 3-5 reps/leg x 5 sets. Rest w/out weights in hand ~20s b/w legs.   Partner WOD With a partner perform as many TGUs as possible in 20 minutes. Only one person may […]

  • 111020 Thursday

    111020 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 5 rounds of: A1. Hang power clean 3-5 reps A2. No arm pull row max distance in 20s. Work on powerful hip drive! WOD 4 Rounds of 30s Row (cals) 30s Rest 30s hang power clean (60-70% of today’s best) 30s Rest 30s Inverse burpees 90s Rest Post best HPCx?, best distance […]

  • 111019 Wednesday

    111019 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 4 rounds of A1/A2: A1. Ring rows* @ 21×3; 4-6 reps. Rest ~60s. A2. Burpees x 6 AFAP. Rest ~90s. *If you have developed the upper body strength to complete deadhang C2B pull-ups begin doing ring-rows with the false-grip & work on a turn out @ the bottom. WOD Complete 3 rounds […]

  • 111018 Tuesday “Tides of Change”

    111018 Tuesday “Tides of Change”

    Strength/Skill Development A. Thruster: Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy triple. B. Barbell reverse lunge @ 20X1; 6-8 x 3. Rest 45s b/w legs, 90s b/w sets. WOD 5 rounds of: 7 high box jumps (30/25″) 21 kettlebell swings (53/35lbs) For time. This workout was last completed on 101229. Saturday schedule: Please note: […]

  • 111017 Monday “Grace”

    111017 Monday “Grace”

    Strength/Skill Development Back squat: Build to a single @ 3010 WOD 30 power clean to overhead For time! Use 70-80% of a multi-rep max for push-press or jerk NTE 135/95lbs. This workout was last completed on 100614. Go get it!

  • 111015 Saturday

    111015 Saturday

    Strength/Skill Development 1-arm KB front rack weighted walking lunge steps @ 2011; 4-5 steps/leg. Rest KB on floor ~20-30s to switch arms & repeat the 4-5 reps per leg. Complete 4 sets in this manner with ~2 minutes rest b/w sets. WOD 400m run AMRAP in 10 minutes of 15 Sit-ups 10 KB sumodeadlift high-pulls […]