• 110915 Thursday

    110915 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Development A. Hang clean: Spend 20 minutes building to a heavy double. Allow 2-3 minutes of rest b/w lifts as the weights get heavy. B. Spend 6 minutes practicing dumbbell single arm snatching. Build to challenging triple per side w/o press-outs. WOD AMRAP in 8 minutes of: DB power snatch x 8 (4 per […]

  • 110914 Wednesday

    110914 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 5 rounds of A1/2: A1. Overhead squat @ 2011; 3-5 reps. Rest ~ 60s A2. Supinated grip C2B Pull-up @ 21X1; 3-5 reps (Add weight or reduce bands as you are able to complete 5 reps) Rest ~ 2 minutes for upper body mobility prior to returning to A1. WOD 3 Rounds […]

  • 110913 Tuesday

    110913 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Development A1. Push-press @ 12X2; 3-5 reps x 5 sets. Rest ~30s A2. Ring rows @ 31X3; 3-5 reps x 5 sets. Rest 2 minutes for upper body mobility. WOD Complete 4 rounds for time of: 20 kettlebell swings (53/35lbs) 15 push-ups 10 toes to bar Reminder:FGB happens in the gym THIS Saturday, Sept […]

  • 110912 Monday

    110912 Monday

    Strength/Skill Development A. Back squat @ 2013; 3-5 x 4. Rest 2-3 minutes bw sets once the weight gets heavy! B. 1-arm KB weighted walking lunge steps @ 2010; 4-5 steps/leg. Rest KB on floor ~10s to switch arms & repeat the 4-5 reps per leg. Complete 3 sets in this manner with ~60s rest […]

  • Remembering September 11th, 2001.

    Remembering September 11th, 2001.

  • 110910 Saturday

    110910 Saturday

    Strength/Skill Development Clean 1.1.1; 6-8 sets with 10-15s rest b/w singles & ~2 minutes rest b/w sets. WOD 200m sandbag run 20 power cleans 100m sandbag run 16 power cleans 100m sandbag run 12 power cleans 100m sandbag run 8 power cleans 100m sandbag run 4 power cleans 200m sandbag run For time. Power cleans: […]

  • 110909 Friday

    110909 Friday

    Experience what it is like to practice yoga in a group of 200-300 people from Asheville with other communities all over the globe doing the same thing at the very same time! This is open to individuals of all ability levels even those that may be completely new to yoga. Challenge yourself in an area […]

  • 110908 Thursday “Puberty Relay”

    110908 Thursday “Puberty Relay”

    Strength/Skill Development Complete 4 rounds of A1/A2: A1 Medium grip high-pull @ 21X2; 4-6 reps. Rest 30s. A2. Ring push-ups @ 31X1; 4-6 reps. BW+ as you can maintain tempo & appropriate depth. Rest 60-90s b/f returning to A1. B. Max rep knees to elbows in 20s @ the top of every 2 minutes x […]