• Save Your Spine…Get Your Belly FAT!! Part I

    Save Your Spine…Get Your Belly FAT!! Part I

    “Say wha!?!?! I thought we were trying to REDUCE our belly fat!!”You’re right. Reducing the amount of fat storage on your trunk is a GREAT way to improve your health. Fat storage around the midsection has a significant correlation with risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and auto-immune disorder. However, my statement is not in […]

  • 110129 Saturday “Stellar”

    110129 Saturday “Stellar”

    Strength/Skill Work Back squat: Spend a solid 20 minutes working up to a 1 rep max at 3010. If you reach your max early then go down ~20% and complete 3×2 reps. WOD 400m run AMRAP in 5 minutes of: 15 deadlifts (~40% of your DL 5RM) 15 push-ups 400m sprint For time. Post your […]

  • Saturday Open Gym Updates!

    Saturday Open Gym Updates!

    Starting tomorrow January 29th, 2011 Saturday Open Gym hours will be extended with some modifications. 7:00 a-8:00a Open Gym with full open floor 10:00a-11:00a Open Gym with limitations to controlled power lifting or bodyweight movements. Power lifting is to be contained to behind the squat racks/main pull-up system. Please understand that this is for the […]

  • 110128 Friday “Winded”

    110128 Friday “Winded”

    Strength/Skill Work Clean below the knee: 3×3, Clean 3×3 WOD 20 Burpees 10 Power Cleans 16 Burpees 8 Power Cleans 12 Burpees 6 Power Cleans 8 Burpees 4 Power Cleans 4 Burpees 2 Power Cleans For Time Use ~70% of your 3RM power clean not to exceed 155/105lbs. This workout was last completed on 100225.

  • 110127 Thursday “Time Delay”

    110127 Thursday “Time Delay”

    Strength/Skill Work Row for watts: Complete a minimum of 5 attempts with 2-3 rest in between during which you work on mobility work! Post best wattage score to comments. WOD 5 rounds of: 15 sumo deadlift high-pull (Use ~50-60% of your 2/3RM Power clean NTE 95/65lbs) 12 jumping lunges (6 per leg) 9 knees to […]

  • 110126 Wednesday

    110126 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Work Shoulder press: 5 x 8 reps @ 1031 WOD Complete 3 rounds of the following: AMRAP in 2 minutes of: 5 Deadlifts (Use ~40% of your 5RM NTE 135/95lbs) 10 Double unders 1 minute rest AMRAP in 2 minutes of: 5 ring dips 10 wall balls 1 minute rest Pick up where you […]

  • 110125 Tuesday

    110125 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Work Split squat: 5×6 @ 3011 (Those that did FS Monday use 3.5-4 steps away from the box vs. the typical 3) WOD Complete 3 rounds of: 1 min max rep box jumps (20″) 30 seconds rest 1 minute max rep Turkish Get-ups, right arm (1.5/1 pood) 30 seconds rest 1 minutes max rep […]

  • 110124 Monday

    110124 Monday

    Congrats to all of those who participated in the Hot Chocolate 10k this past Saturday! CFA was well represented with Katie Nery (running for Shanna Duvall) who placed 3rd in the 25-29 age group. She took over 1:20 off last year’s time running 44:18 which would have been 2nd in the 35-39 age group. Rustan […]