• 110118 Tuesday “Heavy Daze”

    110118 Tuesday “Heavy Daze”

    Strength/Skill Work Hang power snatch: 5-7 sets of 3. Work to add weight each set. Drop back down in weight if you miss or begin pressing out! WOD 15 deadlifts (Use 70% of your 5RM or 60% of a 2/3RM NTE 225/155lbs) 30 tuck jumps 15 push-ups 12 deadlifts 24 tuck jumps 12 push-ups 9 […]

  • 110117 Monday “Double Jerk”

    110117 Monday “Double Jerk”

    Strength/Skill Work Muscle-ups: max reps in one minute. Three minutes rest between rounds. Complete three rounds. WOD 4 Rounds of: Max rep power clean & jerk in 60s (70% push jerk 5 or 3RM NTE 135/95#) 30s rest Max reps double unders in 60s 30s rest This WOD was last completed 090120.

  • 110115 Saturday

    110115 Saturday

    Strength/Skill Work Deadlift: 6-8 sets of 2 at 1031 Only move up in weight as you are able to maintain both tempo and technique. WOD Complete 1 Round of: AMRAP in 4 minutes 150m row 15 wall balls 4 minutes rest before moving on Complete 2 rounds of: AMRAP in 2 minutes 5 burpees 10 […]

  • 110114 Friday “Pull & Squat”

    110114 Friday “Pull & Squat”

    Strength/Skill Work Power clean: 5-7 sets of 3 working up in weight as you are able to maintain technique. Drop down in weight when your form begins to break and build up again as you are able. WOD 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 ,2, 1, Pull-ups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, […]

  • 110113 Thursday “Sharms”

    110113 Thursday “Sharms”

    Strength/Skill Work Overhead squat: 5-7 sets of 3 WOD In one minute complete 8 ring dips Immediately followed by max rep power snatches (~70% max not to exceed 115/75lbs) Rest one minutes between rounds. Complete 6 total rounds.

  • 110112 Wednesday “TLC”

    110112 Wednesday “TLC”

    Happy birthday to Brooke! Thank you for being so kind to demo the three key positions of our inverted burpee. There is a jump at the top just like the traditional burpee. WOD Complete 5 Rounds of the following: 30 seconds Row for max calories 60 seconds Rest 60 seconds max rep Ball slam 30 […]

  • 110111 Tuesday

    110111 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Work Thruster 5×5 Moving up in weight as you are able to maintain appropriate technique. WOD AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 30 double unders 15 kettlebell swings 10 toes to bar CFA in the news! Check out CFA in today’s Asheville Citizen Times. Shoes: Please wear a different pair of shoes than you use […]

  • 110110 Monday “DT”

    110110 Monday “DT”

    We’re open and your friends are here to work out with. Drive carefully! Also, please wear a different pair of shoes than you intend to workout in. Change your shoes in the front room prior to entering the gym. Thank you! Strength/Skill Work Box jumps: Complete 5-7 sets of 3 moving up in height only […]