• 110702 Saturday

    110702 Saturday

    A1. Power clean 1.1.1 (10s b/w singles) x 5 sets. Rest 20s. A2. Ring rows @ 41X2; 4-6 reps x 4 sets. 90s rest b/f returning to A1. B. For 20 minutes complete: 400m run coming to a complete stop @ every 100m 10 DB snatches L arm 5 deadhang pull-ups 10 DB snatches R […]

  • 110701 Friday

    110701 Friday

    Complete 5 rounds of A1/A2 following warm-up lifts: A1. Deadlift @ 2211; 3-5 reps. Rest 30s A2. Press @ 22X1; 3-5 reps. Rest 2 minutes. B. Complete 3 rounds of: 200m uneven farmer’s carry (53/35, 35/26) switch arms @ 100m turn 150ft walking lunge For time. There will be a 20 minute cap on this […]

  • What are these scary things called testers??

    What are these scary things called testers??

    As many of you know we repeat several of our workouts here at CFA. Sometimes it is just a random rotation to give exposure to different lifts and movements to increase/maintain strength in various orientations. But the testers are planned and there is training done between the time of the initial test and the retest […]

  • 110630 Thursday

    110630 Thursday

    Tester: 3 min AMRAP of: 3 power snatches (65/95) 4 burpees AFAP 5 box jumps 24/20″   6 minutes rest   4 min AMRAP of: 4 Thrusters (75/115) 5 burpees AFAP 6 box jumps   8 minutes rest   5 min AMRAP of: 5 ground to shoulders to overhead (135/95) 6 burpees AFAP 7 box […]

  • 110629 Wednesday

    110629 Wednesday

    Complete 5 Rounds of A1/A2: A1. Back squat @ 30×3; 3-5 x 5. 30s rest A2. Max Pull-ups in 20s. Rest 2 minutes b/f returning to A1. B. AMRAP in 10 minutes of: 7 Overhead squats 100m sandbag run (25/50lbs) OHS@ ~60-70% your OHS heavy triple from last Wednesday NTE 115/75lbs. Reminders: New schedule effective […]

  • 110628 Tuesday

    110628 Tuesday

    A1. Front-foot elevated lunge squat @ 2011; 8-10/leg x 3. Rest 30s b/w legs. A2. BTN Press @ 22×2; 6-8 x 3. B. AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 8 Inverse burpees 10 Goblet squats 12 Russian swings Rest 30s b/w rounds. Please ensure you do not count warm-up weights towards your three rounds for each […]

  • Summer & 4th of July Schedule Changes!

    Summer & 4th of July Schedule Changes!

    This coming Monday is the 4th of July! CrossFit Asheville will be open with the following schedule: 4th of July Classes at: 5am, 7am, 9:30am and noon. Open gym at all other times 6-7am, 8-9am & 10-noon. Please feel free to come in and get in your workout at the time that is most convenient […]

  • 110627 Monday

    110627 Monday

    WOD Complete four 5 minutes rounds where each round consists of: Max calories row in 90 seconds 400m sprint Max rep double unders for remaining amount of time. Rest 4 minutes between rounds. Post total calories and total double unders to comments. This workout was last completed on 110308. Reminder: CFA”CF Games Party on July […]