• CFA Ladies Night Thursday Oct 23rd!


    Ladies! We are pleased to announce the first of many Ladies Nights to be held at CrossFit Asheville on Thursday, October 23rd at 6:30pm! This is an exciting new program we are starting to nurture our diverse community of women, as well as to fund an exciting new program, CFA Chicks. There is no charge […]

  • 141018 Saturday

    Sending wishes to our very own Coach Katie Rice who will be taking on 24 hours of mountain biking and adventuring in Pisgah this weekend!

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 10 Minutes with Mobility + 5-10: OHS, C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1), KB Good Morning, Wall Ball. Strength/Skill Development Take 18 Minutes to alternate b/w A1/2 NTE 4 Rounds. A1. : Deadlift (TnG x 10-15. Rest 20s ) A2. : Metcon (No Measure) Wall Ball x 10-15 Rest […]

  • 141017 Friday


    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 10 Minutes with Mobility + 4-8: Shoulder Press–>Push-Press, C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1), Rebounding 20s–>DU practice, 1-arm DB Muscle Snatch–>DB Snatch. Strength/Skill Development A. : Back Squat (x 3 OTM x 8 Minutes. ) B. : Axle Front Rack Reverse Lunge (x 20-24 alternating x 2. Rest 2-3 […]

  • 141016 Thursday

    ForEverFit group resting and discussion after our obstacle course Oct 5th. Fun and informative times!

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 8 Minutes with Mobility + 5-10: Single Leg Deadlift, Axle Front Squat, Toes 2 Bar (Strict Rnd 1), BTNP. Strength/Skill Development A. : Hang Power Clean (Build to a moderate TnG 5 in 10 Minutes ) B. : Single Leg Deadlift (@ 31X1; 8-12/leg. Rest 45s b/w legs […]

  • 141015 Wednesday


    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 10 Minutes with Mobility + 4-8: Deadlift, Dip, Wall Ball, Box Jump (Step-down Rnd 1). Strength/Skill Development A1.: Turkish Get Up (1-2/arm-perfect- hip extension focus ) A2.: Barbell Row ( @31X2; x 6-10 ) A3.: Airdyne 30s @ 90% (Calories) Complete 30s at 90% effort. WOD Metcon (Time) […]

  • Olympic Weightlifting Meet at CFA

    Olympic Weightlifting Meet at CFA

    Olympic Weightlifting Meet Sat Nov 8th at Crossfit Asheville! This is a non-sanctioned meet so no lifting shoes or singlets required. It will a great chance to compete and learn about how an actual meet works. If you have any interest in competing, we encourage you to go for it! This will be a fun […]

  • 141014 Tuesday


    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 10 Minutes with Mobility + 3-8: Sumo Deadlift, 1-arm DB High-pull, MB Get-up, MB BSU, Bear Crawl (25-50′). Strength Development A1.: Back Squat (@ 30X1; 4-8 x 4) A2.: 1-arm DB SDHP (x 6-10/arm x 4) From sumo stance, stand and drive hips to bring elbow above shoulder […]

  • The Battle Series Competition

    The Battle Series Competition

        There is no better way to show our warriors that No One Fights Alone than to go to battle with them. Whether you belong to a gym who is hosting or you want to support our warriors on your own, anyone can sign up for The Battle Series.The Battle Series is an annual […]