• 110513 Friday “Single Leg Testing”

    110513 Friday “Single Leg Testing”

        A. Dumbbell split squat @ tempo of 3010 for 8 reps per side 3 paces in front of bench/box that falls 1″ below the bottom of your knee cap. Rest 60s between legs. Rest 3-5 minutes between attempts. The tempo is strict in order to get an accurate baseline measure of your single […]

  • 110512 Thursday

    110512 Thursday

    A1. Front squat @ 2021; 5-8 reps x 4 sets (after warm-up sets). 20s rest b/f A2 A2. Ring rows @ 4133; 4-6 x 4 sets. 90s rest b/f returning to A1. B. Complete 4 rounds of the following at a sustainable effort: 30s Dumbbell push-press 30s Box jumps (20/16″) 60s Tire step-thru ( step […]

  • 110511 Wednesday “Longer Map Session”

    110511 Wednesday “Longer Map Session”

    Today is one of our MAP (maximal aerobic power) sessions. Each round will be scored to determine appropriate levels of intensity (intensity should be a sustainable effort and as such each round should be of very similar output to the others). Also, scoring will allow us to see improvements in general fitness if you are […]

  • 110510 Tuesday “Getting Stronger Day 2″

    110510 Tuesday “Getting Stronger Day 2″

    Complete 4 Rounds of: A1. Back squat @ 2021; 4-6 reps. 20 seconds rest A1. C2B Pull-up (or ring rows) @ 31X1; 3-5 x 4. 90 seconds rest Complete 4-5 Rounds of: B1. Power snatch 2-4 reps @ 13X2 (1s down, 3s b/w reps, X=up as fast as possible, 2s HOLD overhead). 10 seconds rest […]

  • This is YOUR Off-Season!

    This is YOUR Off-Season!

    CrossFit is described as, “the sport of fitness”. With any other sport there is an off-season. A period of time when intensity is scaled back and other energy systems are trained. The next 3-6 weeks will constitute the official “off-season” for all CFA athletes. Don’t w0rry the gym will not be closed. You will still […]

  • 110508 Monday “Off Season Day 1″

    110508 Monday “Off Season Day 1″

    A1. Sumo deadlift @ 5122; 4-6 reps x 4 sets. Rest 30 seconds A2. Behind-the-Neck Press @ 2222; 4-6 reps x 4 sets. Rest 60 seconds. (Finished by 30-35 minutes after the hr) B1. Lunge squat @ 2121; 8-10 reps/leg x 4 sets. Rest 30 seconds b/w legs & before B2. B2. Ring rows @ […]

  • 110507 Saturday Lactate Session

    110507 Saturday Lactate Session

    Strength/Skill Work: Spend exactly 10 minutes of to a heavy double in the front squat @ 20×3. Use ~80% (without rounding up) of your best double to start out the workout. WOD In 60 seconds complete: Complete 4 heavy Front squats Immediately followed by max distance Row Rest 6 minutes before your next round (See […]

  • 110506 Friday

    110506 Friday

      Strength/Skill Work: Spend exactly 8 minutes building up to a heavy (not max effort) triple in the hang power clean. WOD Complete 5 Rounds of: For 3 minutes work at a sustainable pace through: 5 Hang power cleans (Use 70-80% of today’s best based upon your fatigue levels & how crisp your best 3 […]