• 110711 Monday “American Idol”

    110711 Monday “American Idol”

    Strength/Skill Development A. Power snatch: Spend 10 minutes working your speed and technique and building to a single. (No press outs!) B1. Goblet squat @ 1011; 10-12 reps x 3 sets. Rest 20s. B2. Double unders in 30s x 3 sets. Rest 60s b/f returning to B1. WOD Complete 7 rounds of: 5 power snatches […]

  • 110709 Saturday

    110709 Saturday

    Strength/Skill Development: Back squat @ 21X3; 2-4 reps x 6 sets. Rest 30s Kettlebell swings @ 1013; 8-12 reps x 5 sets. Rest ~2 minutes before returning to back squat. WOD Complete 4 rounds of: 9 sumo deadlift high-pull (55/75lbs) 12 hand-release push-ups 200m sprint 60s rest b/w rounds. Post best BS x ?, KBS, […]

  • 110708 Friday

    110708 Friday

    Strength/Skill Development Hang clean: 2-4 reps x 6 sets. Rest 30s Wide supinated grip chin-ups @ 31X1; 3-5 reps x 5 sets. Rest ~ 2 minutes WOD Complete 3 rounds of the following: 60s Tire jump/stepthrough( both feet in middle. Each time through is 1 rep) 30s Rest 60s Row (calories) 30s Rest 30s Toes […]

  • 110707 Thursday

    110707 Thursday

      Strength/Skill Development: Following warm-up sets complete 3 rounds of: Dumbbell lunge squat @20×1; 6-8/leg. 30s rest b/w legs Barbell row @ 21X3; 6-8 x 3. Rest ~60s. WOD 200m sandbag run 20 power cleans 100m sandbag run 16 power cleans 100m sandbag run 12 power cleans 100m sandbag run 8 power cleans 100m sandbag […]

  • 110706 Wednesday

    110706 Wednesday

    A1. Ring dips @ 31X1; 4-6 x 4. Add weight or reduce bands as you’re able to complete 6. Rest 60s b/f A2. A2. Sumo deadlift @ 22×2; 6-8 x 3. First of 3 sets begins following warm-up sets. Rest 2 minutes. B. Complete 4 rounds of: Max thrusters in 30s @ bar/“Jackie” weight. Rest […]

  • 110705 Tuesday

    110705 Tuesday

    Complete 4 rounds of A1/A2 following warm-up sets: A1. Back squat @ 20X3; 4-6 reps. Rest 30s A2. Kettlebell high pull @ 31X2; 4-6 x 4. Rest 2 minutes. B. Complete 3 rounds of: 30s overhead walking lunge (45/35# plates) for distance 30s rest 30s max rep pull-ups 30s rest 30s max rep low box […]

  • 110704 Monday “Independence Day”

    110704 Monday “Independence Day”

    Reminder: Classes today are at 5:00am, 7:00am, 9:30am and noon. Open gym: 6-7am, 8-9:30am & 10:30am-noon. A. 5 minutes of double under technique work: Stay tall, relaxed and efficient. B. Double under time trial: 90s for max reps C. In teams of 3-4 complete max rounds in 30 minutes of: 20 calories on the rower […]

  • 4th of July Hours Reminder

    4th of July Hours Reminder

    Here is a sneak peak for tomorrow’s 4th of July team workout! Hoka didn’t make it past the agility ladder before she needed to rest.   Classes tomorrow will be at: 5:00am, 7:00am, 9:30am and noon. Open gym from 6-7am, 8-9:30am and 10:30-noon. Feel free to come in and use the space to make up […]