• 100731 Saturday “Fran”

    100731 Saturday “Fran”

    WOD 21-15-9 Thrusters Pull-ups For time. 10 minute time limit Use no more than 70% of your 5 rep thruster max. Unless you can break 5 minutes and then you can go up in weight…next time Fran visits CFA! Get your personality back and complete: Thrusters 4×4 Begin with your Fran weight and work to […]

  • 100630 Friday “Atlantis”

    100630 Friday “Atlantis”

    Strength/Skill Work Kettlebell swings: Alternate single bell American swings with double bell Russian swings. Complete 4 sets of each completing 8-20 swings per set. WOD 800m run 21 Overhead Squats (Use 70% of your 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs) 21 box jumps (24″/20″) 400m run 15 overhead squats 15 box jumps 200m run 9 overhead […]

  • 100729 Thursday

    100729 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Work Turkish Get-up: 5 rep max WOD 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Knees to elbows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Push-press Complete 20 ball slams after each couplet. For time. Use ~70% push-press 5 rep max. Ex: First two rounds will consist of: 10 […]

  • Adult Gymnastics Class

    Adult Gymnastics Class

    Phoenix Gymnastics is havin an adult gymnastic class on Thursdays !from 7:30-8:30pm. It will be a $10 ‘drop-in’ fee per class. Justsign in at the front desk. Thanks, Kristine Levick-Phoenix Gymnastics 828-252-8746

  • 100728 Wednesday

    100728 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Work Squat clean (could also simply be called “clean” as squat would be implied): work towards a 5 rep max WOD 4 Rounds of: 100 ft walking lunge 25 burpees For time.

  • 100727 Tuesday

    100727 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Overhead squat: work towards a new 5RM WOD 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest to rotate through each of the following stations: Burpee box jumps (20/24″) Chest-to-bar Pullups OHS with bar weight only (no bouncing out of the bottom!) Row Complete 3 total rounds. Score all exercises by reps completed […]

  • 100726 Monday “American Idol”

    100726 Monday “American Idol”

    Strength/Skill Work Deadlift: Work towards a new 5 rep max WOD 7 Rounds of: 5 Power snatch (Use 80% of max hang power or power snatch not to exceed 135/95lbs) 20 Double unders/60 single unders For time. This workout was last completed on 100431.

  • 100724 Saturday

    100724 Saturday

    Please remember that due to Belle Chere you must come from the south on Coxe Ave. to reach the gym. WOD AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 400m run 12 pull-ups 24 single arm dumbbell push-press (12 per arm) Following the 20 minutes you will have exactly 3 minutes to clean the bar from the floor […]