• 110624 Friday

    110624 Friday

    A. Side plank test: Max seconds per side with 2 minutes rest b/w sides. B. Complete 4 rounds of the following working at a sustainable effort: 4 minutes of run/walk through 30m shuttle run circuit. (out & back to 10m, out & back to 20m, out & back to 30m = 1) Note number 0f […]

  • 110623 Thursday

    110623 Thursday

    A. Thruster 2-4 reps x 6 with 2 minutes rest b/w for emphasis on upper body mobility. Focus is to build to a heavy double by the 5 or 6th set. B. Complete 3 rounds of B1/B2. B1.Barbell Reverse lunge @ 20×1; 4-6/leg. 30s rest b/w legs. B2. Ring rows @ 41X2; 4-6. Return to […]

  • 110622 Wednesday

    110622 Wednesday

    A. BTNP @ 3211; 4-6 x 4 with 60s rest b/w each. Stay light and focus on proper posture. B. Overhead squat: Spend 15 minutes working towards a heavy set of 3. Those that limited by this movement due to mobility…use the time well for improved postures in the future! C. Complete 4 rounds of: […]

  • 110621 Tuesday

    110621 Tuesday

    A. Power clean 2-3 reps x 5 with 90s rest b/w sets. Complete 4 rounds of B1/B2: B1. Sumo deadlift @ 4112; 6-8 reps. Rest 30s B2. Max rep knees to elbows in 30s. Rest 60s b/f returning to A1. C. 5 Rounds of: 30s Sumo deadlift high pull (Use ~70% of today’s best power […]

  • 110620 Monday

    110620 Monday

    Complete 6 rounds of A1/A2: A1. Push-press @ 12X2; 2-4 reps. Rest 20s A2. Box jumps x 5 reps with emphasis on controlled landings both on & off the box. Work on jumping back onto the box from where you land. Eliminate extra steps b/w reps. Move up in height as you can control these […]

  • Announcing the CrossFit Games Party 2011!!

    Announcing the CrossFit Games Party 2011!!

      Video of last year’s group workout. Thank you Peter!   The CrossFit 2011 Regional competition is coming to a close this weekend as it is determined who will be represented at the CF Games from the Northeast, South Central, Southern California and Latin America. The big finale will be the weekend of July 29, […]

  • 110618 Saturday

    110618 Saturday

    A. DB weighted walking lunges @ 1011 for 20 steps x 5. Ensure you open your hips at the top. Rest 2 minutes b/w sets. Get as heavy as you can manage without breaking tempo. B. OHS @ 32X2; 3-5 x 5. Rest 2 minute b/w sets to add weight and work on mobility. C. […]

  • 110617 Friday “Tester #4”

    110617 Friday “Tester #4”

      Complete 5 rounds of A1/A2: A1. Front squat @ 3012; 3-5 reps. Rest 30s A2. Double arm dumbbell row @ 31×2; 5-7. Rest 2-3 minutes b/f returning to FS. Rest longer as the weight gets heavier! B. Tester: In 8 minutes complete max rep C2B pullups. Every time you come off the bar complete […]