• Get your belly FAT… Part 3. How it saves your spine!

    Get your belly FAT… Part 3.  How it saves your spine!

    The last two weeks I have written about the function of the diaphragm and abdomen for proper breathing mechanics, strength, endurance, and now spinal support. Click to read Part 1, and Part 2. There are a few ways the spine is damaged. The first is acute, blunt trauma like getting hit by a moving van. […]

  • John’s Garage Games Experience 2011

    John’s Garage Games Experience 2011

    Frothy ankle deep red clay mud, and slick, watery barbells were the most common things I saw at the 2011 Garage Games. Tayler Harris and I had barreled into the YMCA parking lot at 7:30 AM; I was armed with coffee and a lacrosse ball, and Tayler had her camera and duck boots. After a […]

  • 110212 Saturday

    110212 Saturday

    Strength/Skill Work Hang snatch: After a skill focused warmup complete 6-8 sets of 2. Pause at the top of each lift for 1 secondand rest for exactly three seconds as you set up to go into your next rep. Rest precisely 2:30 minutes betweensets. WOD Complete 6 sets of the following: 8 steps of dumbbell […]

  • 110211 Friday

    110211 Friday

    Strength/Skill Work: Split squat:Warm-up with 3 sets of 4 per leg then complete 4 sets of 8 reps per leg at 3011. WOD Today’s WOD is the first of several variations we will complete in prep for the repeat of the 2010 NYD WOD. You will want to repeat the workout in the same order […]

  • 110210 Thursday

    110210 Thursday

    “Forks Over Knives” is at Fine Arts theater Thursday Feb 10 at 7 PM. T. Colin Campbell to give talk at UNCA’s Lipinsky Auditorium Friday, Feb 11 Strength/Skill Work Back squat:5 or7 sets of3 @ 3011 Rest2 minutes between sets once you get past your warm-up weights and work to add weight each set as […]

  • 110209 Wednesday

    110209 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Work Dumbbell press: Work up to a heavy set of 5 at 1031 and work to complete an additional 3-4 sets of 5 at that weight at tempo. WOD Complete 7 rounds of: 5 push-press 30m line sprints For time. For the push-press weight load your bars to ~125% of your best dumbbell 5 […]

  • 110208 Tuesday

    110208 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Work: Box jump progressions working box hurdles, quick rebound,for height in a progression of 5 boxes. WOD AMRAP in 5 minutes of: 15 kettlebell swing 10 kettlebell sumo deadlift highpulls 5 burpees 1 minute rest AMRAP in 4 minutes same as above picking up where you left off 1 minute rest AMRAP in 3 […]

  • Your best piece of CF equipment!

    Your best piece of CF equipment!

    Here at CFA we provide all you need for your workouts, but if there is any piece of equipment that provides frustration when it isn’t sized properly it would be the jumprope! We will be sending in an order for more ropes this Wednesday and if anyone would like to order their own please email […]