• 110613 Monday: Tester

    110613 Monday: Tester

    A. Hang power snatch: 2-3 x 5. Rest 2 minutes b/w sets for mobility. B1. Ring rows @ 41×2; 4-6 x 4. Rest 20s. B2. Max double unders in 20s, x 4. Rest 40s. C. Tester AMRAP in 12 minutes of: 5 hang cleans (Use ~80% of last Mondays 5 rep NTE 135/95lbs) 20 double […]

  • 110611 Saturday

    110611 Saturday

    Today” workout consists of 5 minutes of work, 5 minutes of rest for 5 rounds. (50 minutes) During the 5 minutes of work you will rotate through 5 stations working for 1 minute at each station. Note your reps at each station OR for each 5 minute round. During the 5 minute rest you will […]

  • 110610 Friday

    110610 Friday

    Complete 3 rounds of A1/A2: A1.Barbell Reverse lunge @ 20×1; 6-8/leg. 30s rest b/w legs. 30s rest b/f A2. A2. Supinated narrow-grip (hands inside shoulders) chest-to-bar pull-up @ 21×1; 3-5 reps. If you can complete 5 C2B pull-ups @ this tempo then add weight. 60s rest b/f returning to A1. B. Spend 10 minutes practicing […]

  • 110609 Thursday

    110609 Thursday

    A. Complete 5 Rounds of A1/A2: A1. Goblet squat @ 2020; 8-12 reps. 60s rest b/f A2. A2. Barbell narrow grip high pull @ 3112; 6-8 reps. 60s rest b/f A1. B. Foot drills C. Work through the following for 20 minutes: Cover 400m consisting of: 100m walk/EZ run, 100m run NTE 80% of all […]

  • 110608 Wednesday “Puberty Relay”

    110608 Wednesday “Puberty Relay”

    June 10-19 Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30; Sundays at 2:30 You won’t want to miss this funny and touching Jones-Hope-Wooten comedy! Five Southern women recharge their friendships every August by gathering for a long weekend at a beach cottage. They laugh, they meddle and they provide support when one of them really needs it. The […]

  • 110607 Tuesday “Tester #2″

    110607 Tuesday “Tester #2″

    Tester: Complete 5 Rounds for time of: 8 Deadlifts (Use 70-80% of last Tuesday’s 3-5 rep that you can complete at the prescribed tempo) 100ft Overhead walking lunge with turn around every 25′(NTE 45/35# plates) 15 Toes to bar There will be a 25 minute time cap on this workout. Scale appropriately for your ability […]

  • 110606 Monday

    110606 Monday

    A. Hang clean: Build to a heavy set of 5 over 6 sets. Rest 2-3 minutes b/w sets. Rest longer as the sets get heavier! B. Double unders: Complete 4 sets of max reps in 1 minute with 2 minutes rest b/w sets. C. AMRAP in 8 minutes of: 200m run 12 burpees

  • 110604 Saturday “Groundhog Day II”

    110604 Saturday “Groundhog Day II”

    Complete 6 rounds of A1/A2: A1. Clean pulls 2-3 reps. 60s rest A2. DB press @ 22X2; 6-8 reps. 90s rest B. 3 rounds of: 60s Kettlebell swings 60s Box jumps 60s Sit-ups 60s rest Post best clean pull, db press and reps for each rnd to comments.