• 091123 Monday “Charger”

    091123 Monday “Charger”

    Strength/Skill Work: Find your Power Clean 1 rep max. WOD AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 30 double unders or 90 singles 30 kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood) 15 knees-to-elbows Compare results to 091015 Thanksgiving Closings Regarding the Thanksgiving Holiday we will close after the 9:20am class on Wednesday morning and reopen on Monday at 5:20am.

  • 091121 Saturday “The Summit”

    091121 Saturday “The Summit”

    Notice: CrossFit Asheville is Closed Saturday November 21st, while Shanna and Corey are at the Black Box Summit, and Randy is training with the National Guard. All classes and open gym times are suspended until Monday. Coach Corey during WOD #1 in Austin on FridayFor video click here. Look for Shanna at 3:50 ff. Do […]

  • 091120 Friday “Broken Cindy”

    091120 Friday “Broken Cindy”

    Strength/Skill Work: Push Press WOD Complete 5 rounds of the following with a 1 minute rest between rounds. As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes of: 5 pull-ups 10 push-ups 15 squats Begin each consecutive round where you left off on the previous round. For example, if in the first 3 minutes I complete […]

  • This Weekend and Holiday Closings

    This Weekend and Holiday Closings

    CrossFit Asheville will be closed THIS Saturday November 21st. Randy will be instructing a class for the National Guard while Corey and Shanna will be in Austin, Tx. What’s going on in Austin? This weekend will be the first Black Box Summit which will involve the following: CrossFit affiliate business owners and leaders around the […]

  • 091119 Thursday “New England”

    091119 Thursday “New England”

    Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift WOD Complete 5 rounds of the following: 21 deadlifts 7 thrusters For time. The same bar will be used for the entire work-out. You can use 60% of today” max front squat weight or 65% of your max thruster weight (Please use the lighter of these two numbers). Not to exceed 135/95lbs. […]

  • 091118 Wednesday “Trip”

    091118 Wednesday “Trip”

    Strength/Skill Work: Front squats WOD 21-15-9 Power Clean (~80% of front squat 5RM) Box Jump

  • 091117 Tuesday “Gone in 60 Seconds”

    091117 Tuesday “Gone in 60 Seconds”

    Strength/Skill Work: Muscle Snatch WOD 3 Rounds of: 40 seconds max rep pull-ups 20 seconds rest 40 seconds max rep ball slams 20 seconds rest 40 seconds max rep kettlebell thrusters (45/35lbs) 20 seconds rest 40 seconds max rep ball slams 20 seconds rest 1 minute rest

  • 091116 Monday “Nancy”

    091116 Monday “Nancy”

    Strenth/Skill Work Single support hang power clean: Work towards a 5 rep max per leg WITHOUT touching the support leg between reps. Do a normal deadlift and go to single support once in the hang position. WOD 5 rounds for time of 400m run 15 overhead squats (95/65 or 70% max OHS) Classes will have […]