• 100726 Monday “American Idol”

    100726 Monday “American Idol”

    Strength/Skill Work Deadlift: Work towards a new 5 rep max WOD 7 Rounds of: 5 Power snatch (Use 80% of max hang power or power snatch not to exceed 135/95lbs) 20 Double unders/60 single unders For time. This workout was last completed on 100431.

  • 100724 Saturday

    100724 Saturday

    Please remember that due to Belle Chere you must come from the south on Coxe Ave. to reach the gym. WOD AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 400m run 12 pull-ups 24 single arm dumbbell push-press (12 per arm) Following the 20 minutes you will have exactly 3 minutes to clean the bar from the floor […]

  • 100723 Friday “Tides of Change”

    100723 Friday “Tides of Change”

    Strength/Skill Work Hang Power Clean: 5 rep max WOD 5 rounds of: 7 high box jumps (30/25″) 21 kettlebell swings (53/35lbs) For time. Note: Remember it is Project Red Shirt today. Also, with the street closings for Belle Chere weekend you must come up Coxe Ave from the south to reach the gym. Coxe Ave […]

  • 100722 Thursday

    100722 Thursday

    One more video for your viewing pleasure. Much appreciation to Peter for his unique perspective and incredible video editing! Strength/Skill Work Push-press: Work towards a new 5 rep max WOD AMRAP in 12 minutes of: 9 deadlifts (~70% of 5RM) 15 push-ups 200m run

  • 100721 Wednesday “Fubar”

    100721 Wednesday “Fubar”

    Strength/Skill Work Ring dips: 4 sets of max reps in 30 seconds at the top of every 4 minutes. Use enough assistance to hit 15-20 dips in the first round. Post first round and overall reps to comments. WOD 90 seconds row for max calories 30 seconds rest 60 seconds max rep kettlebell squat clean, […]

  • 100720 Tuesday “Walgreens”

    100720 Tuesday “Walgreens”

    Strength/Skill Work Single support deadlift:: 5×5 per leg WOD AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 5 thrusters (70% plus meaning round up based off your thruster 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs) 10 box jumps (24/20″) 1 minute rest Complete 3 total rounds.

  • 100719 Monday “The Qualifier”

    100719 Monday “The Qualifier”

    Strength/Skill Spend 10 minutes working towards a heavy but crisp squat snatch WOD 8 rounds of: 2 squat snatch 4 push press 6 chest to bar pull ups 200m run 22 minute cap Use ~70% of OHS 5 rep max or ~80% of max squat snatch. Same bar for push-press. Bar must go to the […]

  • 100718 Sunday “Short Circuit”

    100718 Sunday “Short Circuit”

    CrossFit Games Party TODAY @ CFA! Team WOD 1st wave @ 3:00 In teams of 4 complete: 2000m row and 100 burpees one person on the rower and only one teammate doing burpees at a time. Break up burpee reps/row distance as you choose. The row and burpees must be complete before the team may […]