• 110219 Saturday “Running Clock Burpees”

    110219 Saturday “Running Clock Burpees”

    Strength/Skill Work Complete 3 sets of 5 power cleans moving up in weight to warm-up and resting approximately 60 seconds between sets. After your warm-ups begin 5 sets of the following: Power clean 1.1.1 Rest 10 seconds after each lift. Immediately followed by: Rings rows 7 reps at tempo of 41X2 (4 seconds to lower, […]

  • 110218 Friday “Testing Day”

    110218 Friday “Testing Day”

    (I advise muting this video before playing it! It is work/family/safe, but just rather obnoxious as I scream at Tom to stand.) Congrats to all the STRONG work in the gym this morning!!! Part 1 Work up to a new Back Squat @ 30X0 tempo. (Remember X means STAND AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, but there […]

  • 110217 Thursday

    110217 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Work Shoulder Press: Complete 8 sets of 3 @ tempo of 3311 with 2 minutes rest between sets. (Tempo would translate for shoulder press as 1 second up, 1 second pause at the top, 3 seconds down, 3 second pause with bar on shoulders) WOD 400m run 15 deadlifts (~60% of 5RM NTE 155/225lbs) […]

  • 110216 Wednesday “Black Box in the Dark”

    110216 Wednesday “Black Box in the Dark”

    Strength/Skill Work Clean: Spend 20 minutes working up to a heavy set of 2. WOD AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 6 ring pushups 9 high box jumps (30/25″) 1 minute rest between rounds. Pick up where you left off and complete three total rounds. This workout was last completed on 100921.

  • 110215 Tuesday “Farmer Annie”

    110215 Tuesday “Farmer Annie”

    Strength/Skill Work: Front squat: Complete 7 sets of 3 @ 30X5. Rest approximately 90seconds between your first 4 sets and 3 minutes between your last 3 sets. (Tempo means 3 seconds into the bottom, no rest, stand as fast as possible, 5 full seconds to rest at the top. Take advantage of that 5 seconds […]

  • 110214 Monday

    110214 Monday

    For this Valentine’s Day give your loved ones the gift of laughter! You can watch the Bangalore Laughter Club here and learn more about it here. Strength/Skill Work DeadliftMoving quickly between your warm-up sets and then complete 5 x 2211, 3 minutesfor 5 sets. Go up in weight as you are able to maintain tempo. […]

  • Get your belly FAT… Part 3. How it saves your spine!

    Get your belly FAT… Part 3.  How it saves your spine!

    The last two weeks I have written about the function of the diaphragm and abdomen for proper breathing mechanics, strength, endurance, and now spinal support. Click to read Part 1, and Part 2. There are a few ways the spine is damaged. The first is acute, blunt trauma like getting hit by a moving van. […]

  • John’s Garage Games Experience 2011

    John’s Garage Games Experience 2011

    Frothy ankle deep red clay mud, and slick, watery barbells were the most common things I saw at the 2011 Garage Games. Tayler Harris and I had barreled into the YMCA parking lot at 7:30 AM; I was armed with coffee and a lacrosse ball, and Tayler had her camera and duck boots. After a […]