• 110108 Saturday “Team 5k Row…”

    110108 Saturday “Team 5k Row…”

    Yes, we’re open and at the gym! Drive carefully! Strength/Skill Work Front squat: 5×5 @ 3013 For some of you this will mean a new 5RM. For most of you this will be a time to work on technique and speed coming out of the squat. Work up in weight as you feel. Drop back […]

  • 110107 Friday “Twisted Countdown”

    110107 Friday “Twisted Countdown”

    Strength/Skill Work Ring dips: 10×2 @ 3010 Add weight or reduce bands as you through ensuring that you maintain good posture and stay on tempo. WOD 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 Kettlebell swings Sit-ups For time. Please note GHD sit-ups will not be used in the workout! Don’t forget to bring your clothes in for […]

  • Volunteers Needed for Hot Chocolate 10k Jan 22nd!

    Volunteers Needed for Hot Chocolate 10k Jan 22nd!

    The 2011 Isaac Dickson Elementary School Hot Chocolate 10K and Kids Hill Climb still needs about sixty(60) volunteers! Please share one of your Saturday mornings (January 22nd, 2011) with us to help with this year’s biggest school fundraiser. We will need help for the following: Parking patrol, registration and packet pick up, pasta dinner (Friday […]

  • CFA Clothing Swap!

    CFA Clothing Swap!

    Time to start the year off fresh…with all the physical transformations we have going with the athletes of CFA it is time to clean out the closet! What doesn’t fit you any longer may be the perfect fit for someone else. Or perhaps it still fits and you realize that you haven’t worn it in […]

  • 111206 Thursday “Tic-Tok”

    111206 Thursday “Tic-Tok”

    Strength/Skill Work Hang clean 2-2-2-2-2-2-2(option of HPC if you have trained Tues & Wed) WOD 7 Rounds of: 5 burpees 50ft weighted walking lunge (50/25lbs sandbag) 5 pull-ups For time. 15 minute time cap. This WOD was last completed on 100930.

  • 110105 Wednesday

    110105 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Work Split squat: 5×6 reps at a 3011 tempo WOD 1 Power snatch + 5 OHS 2 Power snatch + 4 OHS 3 Power snatch +3 OHS 4 Power snatch + 2 OHS 5 Power snatch + 1 OHS 4 Power snatch + 2 OHS 3 Power snatch +3 OHS 2 Power snatch + […]

  • 110104 Tuesday

    110104 Tuesday

    Strength/Skill Work Back squat: work to add upwards of 10lbs to your previous 5RM. WOD Complete 5 rounds for time of: 8 Push-press (Use ~70% of your 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs. ) 16 lateral jumps (20/16″) Tuesday/Thursday 730am Class Cancelled: Starting this week if possible, but definitely beginning the week of Janurary 10th. This […]

  • 110103 Monday “A Run in the Sun”

    110103 Monday “A Run in the Sun”

    Strength/Skill Work Push jerk: Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy set of 3 (with NO PRESS OUT!). If you find your max weight prior to the 15 minutes go down 20% and complete 3×3 at that weight with ~30 seconds rest between lifts. WOD 5 Rounds of: 200m run 12 burpees 1 minute […]