• 090721 Tuesday “Snatch This”

    090721 Tuesday “Snatch This”

    Strength/Skill Work Power Snatch: Find a 1 rep max WOD As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of: 10 single arm dumbbell snatch (5 each side) 10 knees-to-elbows Don’t forget this Thursday will be the last day to get in on the pre-order sale for the newest CrossFit Asheville T-shirts. Ladies and Mens Ts […]

  • 090720 Monday “Manson”

    090720 Monday “Manson”

    CrossFit Class Strength/Skill Work: Burgener Hang Clean Progression WOD “Manson” similar to as seen on CF Jax 2-4-6-8-10 Deadlift Hang power clean Immediately followed by: 10-8-6-4-2 Front squat Push press For time. Men-95lbs, Women-65lbs. Scale as needed. Some may use dumbbells rather than barbells for this WOD. Coaches will assign. G’luck! If time remains at […]

  • 090719 Sunday “Rest Day”

    090719 Sunday “Rest Day”

    Rest Day You all certainly earned it this past week.Get ready for another week of fun!!

  • 090718 Saturday “Ladies Choice”

    090718 Saturday “Ladies Choice”

    Strength/Skill Work Pistols: Practice your one-legged squats. How low can you go to a stack of weights? All the way down and up on both legs? Then, how much weight can you hold against your chest or overhead and repeat all the way down and all the way up? WOD Choice of: “Cindy” As many […]

  • 090717 Friday “The Quick and the Dead”

    090717 Friday “The Quick and the Dead”

    CrossFit and ICE Training Strength/Skill Work Sprint Drills WOD 100m sprint @ 50% perceived effort Recovery: walk back to start 100m sprint @ 70% perceived effort Recovery: walk back to start 100m sprint @90% perceived effort Recovery: 3 minutes 100m sprint @ 100% perceived effort Recovery: 3 minutes 100m sprint @ 100% perceived effort Followed […]

  • 090716 Thursday “Your Fifteen Minutes”

    090716 Thursday “Your Fifteen Minutes”

    Strength/Skill Work Thruster: Find your 5,3, or 1 rep max depending on what you last completed. If you last found your 1 rep max, find a new 5 rep max. WOD Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes 5 Deadlifts 5 Hang Power Cleans 5 Thrusters If you complete the cycle in 30 seconds […]

  • 090715 Wednesday “The Click”

    090715 Wednesday “The Click”

    CrossFit Strength/Skill Work Max Height Box Jump WOD 200m Run 9 Power Snatch (M-115lbs, W-95lbs) 21 Knees to Elbows 400m Run 15 Power Snatch 15 Knees to Elbows 800m Run 21 Power Snatch 9 Knees to Elbows For time ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ICE Training Strength/Skill Work Max Height Box Jump, Power Snatch+Snatch Balance @ 70% of Snatch, […]

  • 090714 Tuesday “Partner-up”

    090714 Tuesday “Partner-up”

    Strength/Skill Work Power Clean: Find your 1 rep max WOD Complete as many rounds of the following in 20 minutes with a partner: Couplet A 7-5-3 Deadlift (M-225lbs, W-135lbs) Burpee Couplet B 7-5-3 Kettlebell swing (M-1.5 pood, W-1 pood) Pull-up With a partner complete each of theabove couplets. Only one person works at a time. […]