• 100626 Saturday “Beginnings”

    100626 Saturday “Beginnings”

    Strength/Skill Work: Kettlebell thrusters: 5-5-5-5-5 Practice muscle up progressions in b/w thruster sets. If you have your muscle up then work strict muscle ups between sets. WOD 3 Rounds of: 10 Deadlifts (50% of max not to exceed 185/115lbs) 15 Push-ups 25 Box jumps (20″) For time.

  • 100625 Friday “Blue Ridge Burner”

    100625 Friday “Blue Ridge Burner”

    Strength/Skill Front squat: Work up to a heavy set of 5. (No squat stands allowed.) WOD 3 rounds of: 10 power cleans (80% of todays Front squat 5RM) 20 wall balls for time. 5 burpee penalty (immediately following completion of 3rd round) for every break during wall ball. Meaning no REST during those wall balls! […]

  • 100624 Thursday

    100624 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Work: Power snatch WOD In this workout you move from each of four stations after a minute. This is a four-minute round from which there is a one-minute break before repeating. Complete 3 total rounds. The stations are: 10m Shuttle sprint (Out and back is 1 point) Toes to bar Burpee tire jumpthrough(scale is […]

  • 100623 Wednesday

    100623 Wednesday

    The Concept2 Rower – Part One from Patrick Cummings on Vimeo. The Concept2 Rower – Part 2 from Jon Gilson on Vimeo. WOD In 6 minutes complete 500m row 400m run Max rep double unders Rest exactly 3 minutes and repeat for 3 total rounds. Your score is your total number of completed double unders. […]

  • 100622 Tuesday

    100622 Tuesday

    Message from MSgt. Chad Caden: “Senior Airman Ben White USAF Pararescuemanwas killed two weeks ago in Afghanistan, on his first deployment as a Pararescue Jumper. He is from Johnson City, TN and was put in the Air Force by my good friend Tsgt Sellner. I had spoken with Ben a couple of times, when he […]

  • 100621 Monday “Bronco”

    100621 Monday “Bronco”

    Strength/Skill Work: Box jumps 5-5-5-5-5 Work on landing softly and increasing height while staying in control! WOD Complete4 rounds of the following: As many rounds as possible in 2 minutes of: 5 burpee dumbbell deadlifts 10 box jumps 30 secondsrest As many rounds as possible in 2 minutes of: 5 pull-ups 10 squats 30 secondsrest […]

  • 100620 Some Diet Details

    100620 Some Diet Details

    Many folks are changing their diets from the typical American to a more hunter-gatherer, paleolithic diet based largely on unprocessed, fresh, local meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Our biggest success stories thus far are due in part to the individual dedication and consistency to changes in this direction. […]

  • 100619 Saturday “Franzilla”

    100619 Saturday “Franzilla”

    CrossFit Southeast Women’s Comp from Boomer Alred on Vimeo. Strength/Skill Work: Shoulder Press WOD 21 Front squats 21 Pull-ups 15 Push-press 15 Pull-ups 9 Thrusters 9 Pull-ups For time.