• 100923 Thursday

    100923 Thursday

    Strength/Skill Work Thruster: Work to add 5lbs to your previous 5 rep max OR see your coach for what work sets to do if you missed at a new 5RM last time. WOD 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 Kettlebell swings Squats For time.

  • 100922 Wednesday “Patty”

    100922 Wednesday “Patty”

    Strength/Skill Work Turkish Get-ups 3-3-3-3-3 per arm WOD AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 30 double unders 20 deadlifts 10 front squats Use ~50% of max front squat not to exceed 135/95lbs. The same bar is used for both the deadlifts and the front squats. If and only if you are unable to do double unders […]

  • 100921 Tuesday “Black Box in the Dark”

    100921 Tuesday “Black Box in the Dark”

    Strength/Skill Work Back squat: work to add 5-10lbs to your old 5 rep max. If you missed a 5 rep last time see a coach for your work set series. WOD AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 6 ring push-ups 9 tall box jumps (30/25″ max) 1 minute rest 3 total rounds

  • 100920 Monday “Blue Light Special”

    100920 Monday “Blue Light Special”

    Reminder! We are in the new space today! More info here. Strength/Skill Hang Power Snatch: 5 rep max WOD 5 Rounds of: 10 burpees 400 feet of sprints turning every 100 ft 2 Overhead figure eights with cones divided by 20 ft (to the 2nd cone and back is one) For time. With the overhead […]

  • New Location Starting Monday, Sept 1st, 2010!

    New Location Starting Monday, Sept 1st, 2010!

    We did it!! As of Monday, September 20th you will find CrossFit Asheville in the KMart Plaza at 4 S. Tunnel Rd! Pull into the KMart plaza from S. Tunnel Rd and head to the right side (if you are facing KMart from the parking lot) of the KMart building. You will see our garage […]

  • 100918 Saturday “The Move”

    100918 Saturday “The Move”

    WOD 4 Rounds of: 400m Run 20 Box step-ups with dumbbells (24″/20″ with 30-45lbs/12-25lbs) 7 Chest to bar pull-ups For time. This workout was last completed on 100428. The Move is HERE! We will be having normal classes today at 730am, 815am and 900am. This is the last Saturday for 45 minute classes. Next week […]

  • 100917 Friday “Mile Time Trial & Muscle-ups!”

    100917 Friday “Mile Time Trial & Muscle-ups!”

    WOD First: Mile run for time. Just when you thought you wouldn’t have to run that route again…I’m squeezing it in before we leave this space! We’re doing the three lap route on Church St, Hillard, S. Lexington, Aston and back to Church. Strength/Skill Work Muscle-ups: Switch back and forth between ring muscle ups and […]

  • 100916 Thursday To Stretch — Part III

    100916 Thursday    To Stretch — Part III

    Strength/Skill Work Overhead squat: Work towards a new 5 rep max. If you missed your attempt at a new 5 rep last time. See your coach for the first set of work-sets. WOD 5 Rounds of: 30 seconds max double unders 30 seconds Rest 30 seconds max knees-to-elbows 30 seconds Rest This is part three […]