• 091216 Wednesday

    091216 Wednesday

    Strength/Skill Work:Single support deadlift WOD 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Thrusters (70% of thruster 5RM not to exceed 95/65lbs) Burpees For time.

  • 091215 Tuesday “Clean Shins”

    091215 Tuesday “Clean Shins”

    Strength/Skill Work Squat Snatch: Work towards 1 rep max WOD 5 rounds of: 30 seconds of max rep power cleans (70% of power clean 1RM not to exceed 135/95lbs) 30 seconds of max rep box jumps 1 minute rest Record your reps during the 1 minute rest and post total power cleans, total box jumps […]

  • Weekend Results

    Weekend Results

    This weekend seven members of CrossFit Asheville traveled to CrossFit Durham and participated in the First Annual Carolina Fitness Challenge. We will add more notes on the events of the weekend. Below are the results with CFA athletes highlighted. The top ten men and women competed in the final workout: Final Workout: For Time: 125 […]

  • 091214 Monday “Helen”

    091214 Monday “Helen”

    Strength/Skill Work Split Jerk:Be sure toalternate lead legs WOD 3 Rounds of: 400m run 21 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood) 12 pull-ups For time.

  • 091213 Your Resolution; Our Resolution

    091213 Your Resolution; Our Resolution

    We are dedicated to the success of our clients. As such, we will not be listening to the resolutions of outsiders and instead turn our attention to y’all. There are NO On-Ramps during the month of January. We do not want to deal with the false resolutions of those who waited to join. If they […]

  • 091212 Saturday “Cloudy Days”

    091212 Saturday “Cloudy Days”

    *****Reminder that CFA will be closed today due to coaches and athletes participation in the Carolina Fitness Challenge at CrossFit Durham. Stay tuned for updates via FaceBook/Twitter or the right hand column of this page.***** DIY Outdoor WOD: 4 Rounds of: 400m run 50 squats For time. DIY Indoor WOD: 5Rounds of: 20 burpees 25 […]

  • 091211 Friday “Ground 2 Overhead”

    091211 Friday “Ground 2 Overhead”

    Strength/Skill Work Clean Pulls: work up and complete 3×3 at ~10% heavier than today’s working weight for WOD WOD In 10 minutes, complete as many reps as possible from ground to overhead. You may use any technique you like to move the load. Bar must be extended overhead with the knees and hips in full […]

  • 091210 Friday 4:30pm Class Addition!

    091210 Friday 4:30pm Class Addition!

    Due to the unexpected closing of evening classes tomorrow I will be running a class at 4:30pm for anyone that can make it. Please note that this will only be for tomorrow December 11th. Remember we also have a 5:20am class with openings and noon for those of you that do not get off work […]