• 091211 Friday “Ground 2 Overhead”

    091211 Friday “Ground 2 Overhead”

    Strength/Skill Work Clean Pulls: work up and complete 3×3 at ~10% heavier than today’s working weight for WOD WOD In 10 minutes, complete as many reps as possible from ground to overhead. You may use any technique you like to move the load. Bar must be extended overhead with the knees and hips in full […]

  • 091210 Friday 4:30pm Class Addition!

    091210 Friday 4:30pm Class Addition!

    Due to the unexpected closing of evening classes tomorrow I will be running a class at 4:30pm for anyone that can make it. Please note that this will only be for tomorrow December 11th. Remember we also have a 5:20am class with openings and noon for those of you that do not get off work […]

  • 091210 Weekend Closings and Updates!

    091210 Weekend Closings and Updates!

    Our apologies for the late notice, but CFA will be closed for the following classes: Friday December 11th: 5:30pm, 6:30pm Saturday December 12th: 9am, On Ramp make-up at 10am High Flight Gymnastics will be holding their bi-annual Follies event Friday night. CFA” will be taking seven participants to CrossFit Durham to competein the Carolina Fitness […]

  • 091210 Thursday “RTB”

    091210 Thursday “RTB”

    Strength/Skill Work Turkish Get-up: Find a 5, 3, or 1 rep max per side. WOD 12-9-6-3-6-9-12 3-6-9-12-9-6-3 Push-press Chest-to-bar pull-ups For time. Use ~70% of your 5RM push-press not to exceed 135/95lbs. Just to clarify the top line of reps refers to the push-press while the bottom line refers to pull-ups. Alternate between the two […]

  • 091209 Wednesday “Elbell”

    091209 Wednesday “Elbell”

    Strength/Skill Work: Shoulder Press WOD 5 rounds of: 30 kettlebell swings (1.5/1 pood) 15 knees-to-elbows For time.

  • 091208 Tuesday “The Chief”

    091208 Tuesday “The Chief”

    Strength/Skill Work Pistols: Work towards max depth while performing 5 reps per leg WOD AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 3 Power Cleans (Use 70% max power clean not to exceed 135/95lbs) 6 push-ups 9 squats 1 minute rest between rounds. Complete 5 total rounds. Those competing in the Carolina Fitness Challenge or new to our […]

  • 091207 Monday “D-Box”

    091207 Monday  “D-Box”

    Strength/Skill Work Squat Clean: 5-7 attempts towards Heavy single followed by 2×3 front squat at 90% today’s max clean. WOD 21-15-9 Deadlift (70% 5RM not to exceed 275/185lbs) Box Jumps (24/20″) For Time.

  • CFA Triage

    CFA Triage

    As some of you know. I attended a seminar at CrossFit Decatur in Decatur, GA on Saturday. It was titled “Chasing Performance: CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification”. My goal was to improve our ability as coaches to provide you with the latest and most practical tools for self-care of injury. As such, we will be […]