• 100716 Friday

    100716 Friday

    Strength/Skill Push Jerk: Work towards a new 5RM WOD 5 rounds of: 30 seconds max rep box jumps (24″/20″) 30 seconds max rep hang power cleans (70% of max 5 rep hang power clean not to exceed 135/95lbs) 1 minute rest New Saturday class schedule starting TOMORROW: 7:30/8:15 and 9:00. Contact Shanna (ShannaDuvall@gmail.com) if you […]

  • 10/07/15 Thursday “Farmer Annie”

    10/07/15 Thursday “Farmer Annie”

    Strength/Skill Thruster: Work towards a new 5RM WOD 50 double unders 50 sit-ups 100m farmer’s walk 40 double unders 40 sit-ups 100m farmer’s walk 30 double unders 30 sit-ups 100m farmer’s walk 20 double unders 20 sit-ups 100m farmer’s walk 10 double unders 10 sit-ups 100m farmer’s walk For time. CrossFit Games Party THIS Sunday […]

  • CrossFit Games Party/WOD THIS Sunday!

    CrossFit Games Party/WOD THIS Sunday!

    For those of you unfamiliar the 2010 InternationalCrossFit Games are taking place this weekend at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA. Events begin Friday and will be streamed live online. Sunday afternoon CFA will have an optional WOD (more than likely a team/partner effort) at 300 followed by a CrossFit Games Party from 4:0o-8:00pm. […]

  • 100714 Wednesday “Broken Coaster”

    100714 Wednesday “Broken Coaster”

    Strength/Skill Work Power clean: 5RM with 20 second limit per set. WOD 3 Rounds of: 7 deadlifts (Use ~70% of deadlift 5RM not to exceed 225/155lbs) 7 burpees 5 deadlifts 5 burpees 3 deadlifts 3 burpees For time. We last did the full “Rollercoaster” on 100413.

  • 100713 Tuesday “Adepto Animum”

    100713 Tuesday “Adepto Animum”

    WOD:With a continuously running clock, each round starts at the 5 minute mark: Round 1: 30 Wall Ball Shots (OR 30 Kettlebell swings) followed by 400m Run. Round 2: 30 Kettlebell swings (OR 30 Wall Ball Shots) followed by 400m Run. Round 3: Same as Round 1 Round 4: Same as Round 2 Round 5: […]

  • 100712 Monday

    100712 Monday

    Strength/Skill Work Overhead squat: Work towards a new 5RM WOD 400m run 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Dumbbell Push-press (45lbs/25lbs) Push-ups Squats 400m run For time. (Run at the very beginning and the very end only.)

  • 100711 Sunday “Dr. Freckles”

    100711 Sunday “Dr. Freckles”

    For those of you who have not had the pleasure to work out with or meet Anne tomorrow will be your last chance for at least a little while. Anne will be leaving Monday to start med school this fall. She is an incredible story and a hard worker. We wish her lots of luck […]

  • 100710 Saturday

    100710 Saturday

    There has been a recent trend with the ladies of CrossFit Asheville hitting their first kipping pullups and even linking them on their first day! This is Tina from a couple weeks ago smoothly linking two in a row! Who will be next?!? Strength/Skill Work Spend 10 minutes working on handstand progressions: headstands, handstands against […]