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The Workout of the Day

150414 Tuesday



Join us this Saturday, 18 April 2015 from 07:30 until 08:30 for CFA’s next skills and drills clinic. This month’s skills drills are designed to help athletes develop the Kettlebell Snatch and Handstands.

CrossFit Asheville – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 8 Minutes with

Mobility + 4-8:

Sumo Deadlift,

Goblet Squat,

Burpee over KB,

Toes 2 Bar (Strict Rnd 1).

Strength/Skill Development

Complete 4 Rounds of A1/2:

A1. : Paused Back Squat (@ 32X1; 3-6)

A2. : Renegade Row ( x 6-12 alternating arms. )


Cherry Licorice (Time)

Complete 3 Rounds of:

500m Row

15 Goblet Squats (Moderately tough NTE 32/24kg)

10 Burpees over KB

150413 Monday



Join us this Saturday, 18 April 2015 from 07:30 until 08:30 for CFA’s next skills and drills clinic. This month’s skills drills are designed to help athletes develop the Kettlebell Snatch and Handstands.

CrossFit Asheville – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 8 Minutes with

Mobility + 2-10:

Bear Complex,




Strength Development

Hang Power Clean (15 Minutes to build to a tough set of 5. )


Loaded For Bear (3 Rounds for reps)

3 Sets of:

In 3 Minutes:

400m Run

AMRAP Bear Complex (50-60% multi-rep NTE 95/65lbs)

Rest 3 Minutes

150412 Sunday Recovery


Goodbye dear friend.

Main – CrossFit

Recovery 2.2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 20 Minutes @ 85% -Sustainable Effort

10 Axle Front Squat @ 40-50% max NTE 115/70lbs

20 Cals Airdyne

400m Sandbag Carry light NTE 50/25lbs

10 Cals Ski Erg

150411 Saturday


Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 7 Minutes with

Mobility + 3-8:

Wall Ball,

Toes 2 Bar,

Rebounding 15-20s

C2B Pull-up–>MU.

Strength/Skill Development

Choose A based upon what has not yet been completed. Only repeat a tough single effort if it has been 7-10 days since our last. Completed them all? Complete 3-5 sets of 5 of the lift of your choice. Then choose the best option for B based upon your present ability.

A. : Front Squat (Build to a single @ 30X1)

A. : Deadlift (Build to a single @ 30X1)

A. : Back Squat (Build to a single @ 30X1)

A. : Thruster (Build to a single )

B. : Muscle-ups- 3 Min (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP Muscle-Ups in 3 Minutes

B. : Toes 2 Bar – 3 Min (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP Toes 2 Bar in 3 Minutes


Wish Right Now (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:


Double Unders

Complete 25 Burpees b/w each set.

(Rx+ option includes UB DUs each set.)

150410 Friday


Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 7 Minutes

with Mobility + 4-10:

Back Squat,

C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1),

Box Jump (Step down Rnd 1).

Strength Development

Take 20 Minutes to alternate A1/2:

If completed back squat single on 3/31/15 you can attempt again today or complete 3-5 sets of 5 reps starting @ 60-70% after warm-up.

A1. : Back Squat (Build to a single at 30X1 )

A2.: 1-arm DB High-Pull (@ 31X0; 5-8/arm – )

Build to a tough set per arm


: Ascending Ladder Pwr Cln/Bx Jmps (Time)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Power Clean (70-80% of multi-rep max NTE 155/105lbs)

Box Jump (NTE 24/20″)

150409 Thursday

Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 8 Minutes

with Mobility + 2-8:

Deadlift- Dynamic Pull,



Deadlift Walk -Hold light DBs as able

Rebounding–>Double Unders x 15s.

Strength Development

Take 20 Minutes to cycle A1/2:

A1. : Power Clean (Build to a double (TnG as able) )

A2.: Weighted Dip (Build to a tough double @ 30X1 )

Utilize bodyweight in load total. Subtract gravitron assist from bodyweight or include bodyweight + any added load.


Choose ONE of the following 3 options. Only complete 12 min EMOM if you have done both A & B options.

A. : Christine (Time)

3 Rounds for time:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts, bodyweight
21 Box Jumps, 20″

B. : Grit (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 8 minutes of:

5 Hang Squat Clean (Use ~60-70% of a multi-rep NTE 135/95lbs)

25 Double Unders

(Rx+ UB DUs)

C. : Metcon (No Measure)

12 Min EMOM

Odds: DB BSU x 10 -alternating- wave load as needed

Evens: Toes 2 Bar x 6-10

150408 Wednesday


Main – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

AMRAC in 8 minutes with

Mobility + 2-8:

BTN Thruster,

1-arm OH Carry,



Strength/Skill Development

Spend 25 minutes alternating A1-3.

If completed last week can choose to retest A1/2 or perform 3-5 sets of 5 reps starting ~60% of max & building per set.

A1. : Shoulder Press (Build to a single @ 30X1)

A2. : Weighted C2B Pull-up (@ 31X0; – build to a tough double )

A3.: Metcon (No Measure)

Row each of the following at or slightly faster than goal 500m pace.

Set 1: 20s

Set 2: 30s

Set 3: 40s

Set 4: 60s

Rest as needed b/f returning to A1.


Choose b/w option A or B.

A. : RKB (Time)

500m Row

40 KBS (NTE 24/16 kg)

30 Burpees

B. : 500m Row Repeats (Time)

500m Row for Time

Rest exactly 90s

500m Row for Time

Report score as 1k time. Note splits for each interval in comments.

Client Profile- Kim Shankle

Kim Shankle Client Profile

by Becca Lee, coach


Shankle, as she is affectionately called by friends at CrossFit Asheville, is a woman on a mission. Since starting to work with her in January of 2014 as her coach I have personally had the pleasure to witness and cultivate the qualities that make her a successful CrossFit athlete and competitor.


#1 Consistency

Unless Kim is sick or traveling out of town (and even then she tries to train) she sticks to her workout schedule. This consistency over time since 2011, when she first started CrossFit, has paid off.

#2 Dedication

ks3The best example of Kim’s dedication to CrossFit and her training is Louie. Louis is a 30 plus pound wooden log that Kim trained with in the summer of 2014 in preparation for competing in her first Individual CrossFit comp, The Greenville Games. Kim and Louie spent much time training together, even though she may have wanted to ditch him – she never complained. The event was an 800m run with the log and in remaining time to do air squats with the log. I am not kidding. Here is photo proof. Louie to this day waits patiently at CFA for Kim to wod with him again.

#3 Quality

When Kim approaches a workout she wants to complete each rep to its fullest quality and standard. I have put her through several squatting cycles and when I say “squat deep as you can” Kim works her hardest to achieve that standard and any others set before her. Because of this fact she is a great competitor – in competition she achieves the full standard that judges are looking for because she trains that way everyday.


Now some numbers:

When I first started working with Kim she was already very strong:

Back squat 165# x 1

Deadlift 205# x 1

OHS 75# x 1

Had the ability to do strict pull ups but no dips.

At the time she struggled with and identified as goals to improve on:

Box jumps

Double Unders




Back squat 185# x 1

Deadlift 225# x 2, 230 x 1

OHS 105# x 1

Power Clean 140#

Clean & Jerk 125#

Bodyweight dips

Skills consistent in wods:

Box Jumps

Double Unders

Kipping Toes to Bar

Kipping Pull ups


And she is a burpee machine!

 Podium Finish 3rd Place Overall Women’s Scaled Greenville Games July 2014

Podium Finish 2nd Place Overall Women’s Scaled Garage Games Masters Tour  Sept 2014 (which incidentally put her as 3rd place Finisher for her division Nationally in the Master’s Tour!!!) See her featured on the Garage Games website:

Garage Games Masters Tour National Winners 2014

 Kim is currently training for the River Ruckus as a Master’s Competitor coming this April 25. It will be a big milestone as it will be her first RX live competition! Come on out and cheer her on and all our other CFA members. So proud of you Kim!