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The Workout of the Day

141108 Saturday Everyday Warrior Wk 1

The group competing in Rush Club tonight!

Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 10 Minutes with

Mobility + 4-8:

Sumo Deadlift,

Axle Front Squat,

1-arm DB Press,

Toes2Bar (Strict Rnd 1).

Strength Development

A.: Power Clean (8 Minutes to a moderately tough double)

B.: Axle Front-Rack Walking Lunge (x 12-16 Steps x 3. Rest 60-90s)


Everyday Warrior Wk 1 (AMRAP – Reps)

2 Cleans (~60-70% of a multi-rep max NTE 135/95)

2 Box Jump Overs (NTE 24”/20”)

4 Cleans

4 Box Jumps Overs

8 Cleans

8 Box Jump Overs

16 Cleans

16 Box Jumps Overs

32,32,64,64…continue to double the reps until 7 min has elapsed.
Week 1 of the Battle Series. If you’d like to compete you can go here to register in this 4 week series.

141107 Friday

80 years old & growing stronger everyday!

Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 10 Minutes with

Mobility + 3-8:

Paused 1-arm OH Squat,

Strict C2B Pull-up,


BSU w/Slammer

Strength/Skill Development

Spend 18 Minutes alternating b/w A1/2:

A1. : Paused Overhead Squat (x 3-5)

A2. : Weighted C2B Pull-up (@ 31X1; 3-5 )


Metcon (Time)

400m MB Carry -Moderate NTE 30/20lbs.

40 Slammers

40 Box Step-up w/Slammer NTE 24/20″

200m MB Carry

20 Slammers

20 BSU w/Slammer NTE 24/20″

141106 Thursday


Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 8 Minutes with

Mobility + 4-6:

Back Squat,

1-arm DB Thruster,

C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1),

Rebounding x 20s.

Strength Development

A1. : Deadlift ( 7, 5, 3, 7 )

A2. : 1-arm DB Press (@ 20X1; 4-8/arm x 3. )


Latch (3 Rounds for reps)

Complete 3 Sets:

In 2 Minutes:

10 Back Squats-Moderate-Build/set from~60% max

15 Air Squats


Rest 4 Minutes

141105 Wednesday


Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 10 Minutes with

Mobility + 3-8:

Hang Squat Clean,

DB Single Leg Deadlift,

C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1),


Strength/Skill Development

20 minutes to rotate through A1-3

A1. : Hang Clean + Front Squat Complex (x 2-4 Reps )

A2. : Waiter’s Carry ( Moderately Tough 50m/arm. )

A3. : Toes-To-Bar ( x 6-10 AFAP )


Onward (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:

250m Row

10 Burpees
Every 10m on rower is worth 1 rep.

141104 Tuesday

Jen looking strong during Saturday's Shut-In Run. Congrats Jen & the other finishers from CFA!

Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 8 Minutes with

Mobility + 3-6:

Axle Front Squat,



Tire Drag.

Strength Development

Take 12 Minutes to alternate b/w A1/2 (NTE 3 Rnds):

A1. : Axle Front Squat (@ 30X1; 4-8)

A2. : Weighted Dip (@ 30X1; 2-4 )

A2. : Weighted Ring Dip (@ 30X1; 2-4 )

Partner WOD

A. : Metcon (Distance)

Partner Tire Drags

Max distance in 6 minutes.

Non-dragging partner should walk along side & switch partners every 60s.

Rest 2 minutes

B. : Metcon (Calories)

Max Cals Row in 6 minutes

Switch partners every 60s.

Rest 2 minutes
Allow the calories to run over and combine partner total in 6 minutes.

C. : Metcon (Calories)

Airdyne Max Cals in 6 minutes.

Switch partners every 60s

141103 Monday


Main – CrossFit

(No Measure)

AMRAC in 8 Minutes with

Mobility + 3-8:

1-arm Waiter’s Squat (Use Fat Grip),

Bent Over BB Row,

Axle Press,

Burpee Box Jump (Step down).

Strength Development

Take 15 Minutes to work through A1/2 NTE 4 Rounds.

A1. : Axle Push-Press (x 5-8)

A2. : Good Mornings ( @30×1; 4-8)


Metcon (Time)

10, 8, 6, 4, 2

Hang Power Clean (@60-70% multi-rep max NTE 155/105lbs)

Burpee Box Jump -Step down. (NTE 24/20″)


1-arm Farmer’s Carry (x 50m/arm Moderately Tough )

Weightlifting Meet Saturday & Clinic Next Sunday


Reminder Mock Olympic Weightlifting Meet Saturday Nov 8th followed by an amazing opportunity for more Weightlifting Fun on Sunday October 9th…

Come Join Becca Gerdon for an Olympic Weightlifting Clinic on Sunday November 9th at Crossfit Asheville form 11am – 1pm.
Becca is a weightlifter for team MuscleDriver USA and was a Bronze Medalist at the 2014 National Championships.

This will be a 2 hour clinic focusing on Snatch and Clean & Jerk technique. Becca will also answer any questions related to training, competing, weightlifting for Crossfit, mobility, etc.

This is a donation based clinic and all proceeds will be donated to the Crossfit Chicks All Girls Crossfit program serving at risk girls. Suggested donation is $10-50.

Please email to secure your spot: