Complimentary consult: During your complimentary consult you will have a chance to tour the facility and get answers to all your questions.  How much time will it take?  How sore will I be?  Am I lifting weights?  Will I get “big and bulky”? What are my goals? How is this different than other programs?

The Forever Fit program is different in that we utilize functional movements (lift, squat, push, pull, carry, drag…) to build strength & coordination for daily living.  While we’re in a CrossFit facility the Forever Fit program is not intended to leave individuals lying on their backs & sore at the end of their sessions.

Our goal is to help clients enjoy life by improving their long term health and fitness.  Safe activities with a community of like-minded folks will help Forever Fit folks accomplish this.

What is Forever Fit?


If you are over the age of fifty, you might consider joining the Forever Fit program. Whether you are already active, have been inactive for a while, have aches/pains/injuries or find that your daily activities are becoming more limited, Forever Fit welcomes you.

Do  you feel comfortable and safe getting  up from the floor?  Confident walking in the snow? Going up and down stairs? Strong and capable of continuing to take care of your routine activities?

If you answer “no,” or “I’m not sure,” to any of these questions, then Forever Fit is for you.  We focus on improving your strength to give you the ability and confidence to keep up with your everyday tasks and to enhance the quality and longevity of your life.

Study from the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, Dec 2013:

“2002 adults aged 51–80 years (68% men) performed a sitting-rising test (SRT) to and from the floor.  Conclusions: Musculoskeletal fitness, as assessed by SRT, was a significant predictor of mortality in 51–80-year-old subjects.”

CF Schedule Page imgPersonal strength/ability assessment:  Day one of Forever Fit will begin with a personal strength/ability assessment. This assessment will help us set goals and activities for your daily workout program.

Individually designed programming:  Each person’s program is specifically designed and tailored to meet their goals and needs.  Balanced strength is imperative to your overall health and well-being.

Coaching:  Individualized coaching assures safety and the most effective use of movements to meet your needs/goals.

Manual Therapy:  Past injuries, inactivity, repetitive movements and imbalances in strength lead to restrictions (scar formation) in soft tissue.  These restrictions can lead to many symptoms including joint pain, muscle pain, aching, burning, tingling, and even weakness.

We use soft tissue techniques to break up this scar tissue and show you ways to prevent it in the future.

Adult Lifestyle Classes

Rates: Sessions of 30-45 mins including manual therapy

  • 1x/wk $95/month
  • 2x/wk $160/month

Individual Program Design

This option is recommended for clients with

a) history of injury or pain that limits participation in activities once enjoyed

b) limited mobility or strength that limits Activities of Daily Living

c) balance issues that limits feeling safe in activities

d) medical issues that require close monitoring during activities

e) limited or no strength training experience

 The environment allows for a group feeling while fulfilling your individual needs.

Available here.

About the staff:

connieAs dawn1

Dawn Greene

  • 30 years Intensive Care Registered Nurse working with cardiac surgery patients
  • NC Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist;  Active Release Technique certified
  • 4 years Stay Active participant
  • Stay Active Clinic Strength and Conditioning coach