Why CrossFit Asheville?

(Travelers: This is not applicable for traveling CFers. Those with CF experience are welcome to drop-in for a workout. Please email ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com to reserve your spot in one of our classes or to utilize open gym.)

CrossFit classes are constantly varied, always doing something different. If each individual is imbalanced, both their strengths and weaknesses improve, but the imbalance remains. Our beginner program is now geared towards limiting or removing each individual’s imbalance.This will allow for greater success in the group classes as you will enter group classes with a stronger foundation.

Where do I start?

The first step to get started is to schedule an initial assessment. During this assessment you will meet with Dr. Corey Duvall of the Stay Active Clinic. The assessment will include a full physical analysis of your movement system to determine current strength levels & priorities for training.

You can schedule an assessment by emailing Schedule@StayActiveClinic.com. Please indicate that you are interested in the CFA Program.

Please note: We control our rate of growth to ensure we are able to maintain the quality of our coaching service. As such, assessment scheduling is limited and we are regularly scheduling assessments 4-10 weeks out based upon the time of year. We apologize for any inconvenience and ensure you that we appreciate your understanding & patience in this process.

The cost of this assessment is $150. (Urgent assessment option for $300.)

Requirements for CFA Group Classes

Prior to group classes we require a minimum ofthree months of two days per week of individualized training. Throughout three months clients are reassessed to determine progress. From this point, each client will have the choice to join CFA group classes or continue with individualized programming.

Both CFA group classes and individualized training are set up on a monthly basis. There are NO CONTRACTS. We want you to train with us because you enjoy the program and your results!

Please remember these are MONTHLY RATES listed as the cost for each individual:

2x/wk $200/month ($25 session)

3x/wk $300/month ($25/session)

Observe a Class

If you are interested in observing a CFA Group Classes and our Individual Design Program or if you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com to set up a time.

Test-out Option

To test out of the beginner program at CrossFit Asheville you must have adequate experience and understanding with the skills from Olympic and power lifting, kettlebell training and basic gymnastics movements. For further information please email: ShannaDuvall@Gmail.com.