• 140721 Monday

    All in the family!

    Announcements Third Annual Bowen Memorial Workout @Summit CrossFit THIS Sunday. Register @ CommunityFitnessEvents.com Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 10 Minutes with Mobility + 6-12: Thruster, 1-arm DB High-pull, H-R Push-up, KBS. Strength Development A1. : Front Squat (4-8 x 4. ) A2. : 1-arm DB Bent Over Row (@21X1; 4-8/arm x 3. ) […]

  • 140720 Sunday Recovery


    Main – CrossFit Recovery 1.3 (No Measure) Complete 2-3 sets of: 30s 1-arm Farmer carry, Rt 30s Rest 30s MB Get-up on Rt 30s Rest 30s 1-arm Farmer carry, Lt 30s Rest 30s MB Get-up on Lft 30s Rest 30s Rt Side Plank 30s Rest 30s Battling Ropes 30s Rest 30s Lft side Plank 90s […]

  • 140719 Saturday

    Max Patch

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 12 Minutes with Mobility + 5-10: Power Clean + Front Squat, 1-arm DB HP, Box Jumps (Step-down Rnd 1), T-Push-up. Strength/Skill Development A1. : Back Squat (@ 30X1; 1-3 x 4. ) A2. : Weighted C2B Pull-up (@ 21X0; 1-3 x 4. (Gravitron @ 21X0; 3-6 x 4)) […]

  • 140718 Friday

    Shanna at the Grid League Draft.

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 12 MInutes with Mobility + 4-12: Continental Clean, Dip, T2B, MB Squat on Shoulder. Strength/Skill Development A1. : Continental Clean (1-3 x 5) A2. : 1-arm DB Overhead Squat (x 3-6/arm x 4. ) WOD Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Complete 3 Rounds of: AMRAP in 3 […]

  • 140717 Thursday


    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 10 minutes with Mobility + 5-12: 1-arm Farmer’s Carry, BTNP, Wall Ball, Side Plank 30-45s/side. Strength/Skill Development Take 20 Minutes to work through A1-3 resting as needed b/w sets. A1. : 1-arm RKBS (x 6-10/arm) A2. : Box Jump for Height (x 1.1.1. Step down & rest 5s […]

  • 140716 Wednesday

    Congrats to Roderick for his great showing on Sunday at for the tri at Furman University in Greenville,SC his 7th race of the season. He finished (250m swim , 16mi bike, 3.1mi run) (19.75 miles) in 1:30 when his goal for the race was 1:45!  Keep up the great work Roderick!

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 12 minutes with Mobility + 4-10: Sumo Deadlift, 1-arm OH Carry, C2B Pull-up (Strict Rnd 1), Burpee over the Bar. Strength Development A1. : Axle Thruster (6-8 x 3. ) A2. : Ring Rows (@ 31X1; 6-8 x 3. ) Either no score or can note inches bottom […]

  • 140715 Tuesday

    Neil's garage gym he used while vacationing in NY.

    Main – CrossFit (No Measure) AMRAC in 10 Minutes with Mobility + 5-10: Back Squat, 1-arm DB High Pull, KB Good Morning, Dip. Strength/Skill Development A1. : 1-arm DB Muscle Snatch ( x 4-8 alternating sides x 4) A2. : Axle Front Rack Reverse Lunge ( x 12-16 Steps x 3. ) WOD Metcon (AMRAP […]

  • Volunteers Needed

    Volunteers Needed

    iDaph Events is looking for some some volunteers for this weekend’s races at Rec Park.  Saturday afternoon there is the kids’ Splash & Dash (a part ofCarolina Kids Multisport Races).  Sunday morning is the legendary Asheville Triathlon, a favorite for both beginning triathletes and seasoned multisport lovers. Go to VolunteerSpot to sign up for volunteering: Please sign up for Asheville […]