Rates and Drop Ins

Reasons to Train at CFA!

  1. Professional coaching during each class session.
  2. CFA Triage via Stay Active Clinic: Complimentary exams for insults, irritations or injuries (read about the differences here) along with specific advice on ways to improve it.
  3. No obligations! If you are unhappy with your experience you may discontinue your training at anytime. We want our clients to be a part of our community because they enjoy the progress of improving their own fitness; NOT because you are stuck in a contract.
  4. Accountability: We will contact you if you are inconsistent with class attendance. Your success is what allows for the success of CFA!

Schedule a Visit: To learn more about our programs in person & to schedule a complimentary visit to the gym


Rates for CFA Group Classes vary depending on how often you wish to train. Each group class session is professionally coached to ensure understanding and safety with the movements used in class.

All rates are listed as auto-pay rates.  Please add $10 admin fee per month if paying by check or card month-to month.  There are no contracts or obligations with auto-pay.  All of our clients operate on a month-to-month basis.  To make changes to membership plans please email AmberBeane@Gmail.com.

CrossFit Group Class Monthly Memberships (Unlimited Includes Open Gym) 

  • 2x/wk– $125/mo.
  • 3x/wk–$150/mo.
  • Unlimited–$180/mo.

Prerequisite: CrossFit Group Classes involve various complex movements.  While there is coaching during each hour those without prior CrossFit experience or specific Olympic Lifting training are required to schedule Fast Track sessions or attend On Ramp prior to attending CF classes.  Go here to learn more or to schedule your Fast Sessions Today!.

CFA Tactical Athletics Individual Memberships

  • 4x/wk $150/month
  • Special Pricing for Police, Fire, EMS, Active and Reserve Component Military

Open Gym Memberships

The present set-up of CFA is to focus on offering professionally coached group classes.  However, there are times in which the gym is available for Open Gym.  Coaches may be available for questions during this time, but it is not a time for in-depth instruction. Coaches may be training themselves so please be respectful with the timing of questions.

Who has access to OG? Those with OG Membership, Unlimited Group Class Memberships or Individual Design Clients.

  • Unlimited $95/month


There is a 20% discount off monthly memberships for additional family members/partners (living in same household), full time college or high school students, emergency response personnel (police, fire, EMS, military) and teachers (K-12) for our group class & open gym memberships.

CrossFit Group Class Punch cards

  • 10 session punch card: $175
  • 20 session punch card: $330

Please note a punch card does not reserve your spot in a class, but you are free to come into any open slots.

Private Coaching & Consults: Many of our coaches offer private coaching or individual consultations.  These rates differ by coach. For more information you can email AmberBeane@Gmail.com or you may directly contact the coach of your choice.  See our full team here! 


We love having visitors from other CrossFit Gyms. Please email joincfa@gmail.com to let us know when you will be in town. You can view our schedule hereWe ask travelers to either buy a t- shirt or hat, or pay a $15 drop in fee (or $40 for the week).

Individual Design (ID) Program via the Stay Active Clinic  (Includes Open Gym)  Ideal for those with previous history of injury interested in the methodology of CrossFIt.

  • 1x/wk $125/month
  • 2x/wk $200/month
  • 3/unlimited/wk $250/month

For more information on the ID Program please email Schedule@StayActiveClinic.com

Beginner Program:

On Ramp 2.0

Not sure where to start?  Please send an email to JoinCFA@Gmail.com to schedule a complimentary gym visit and meet with a coach to help decide the best track for you!